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My Dog Skip

Updated on September 28, 2012

Being a bleeding heart dog lover, my wife could not resist rescuing the young Black Labrador retriever she found wandering the road in a neighborhood near our home. Convinced it's fate was to become flattened by a Firestone truck tire, she coaxed the dog into her car and began to canvas the area looking for the owner. All she had to do was open the door in it jumped in. Eventually she found the owners and sadly discovered they were planning to take the dog to the animal shelter since it was an escape artist and too wild and hard to handle when not running free. They happily agreed to let my wife find a home for the dog name Hayden.

At our home…. the dog met Ringo our Chocolate Lab. They seemed to be fine with each other after a cautious sniffing and greeting. Then Hayden went about sniffing and exploring his new, but temporary surroundings. My wife contacted her mother and she agreed to take the new dog into her home since she was looking for a new pet. Upon entering her house, Hayden came face to face with a cat, an animal which, from his reaction, he had never seen before. The chase was on and after a few minutes, a broken lamp, and upturned furniture Hayden was in our car on the way back to our house. We would find him a new home the next day.

Snuggling in our bed….. between my wife and I, the dog gave me the sad eye treatment and laid his head on my chest, almost like he had been coached to do so. “OK, OK” I said. He can live with us but we have to change his name. I thought Skippy would be a good name for this dog with the happy go lucky personality. We call him Skip, Skipper, Skip-a-rino, Skip Meister, and sometimes Skippy-Whippy-Drippy-Dippy-Ding-Dang-Doodle.

He and Ringo became close companions and he quickly made himself right at home. We found that he would quickly run away, breaking into a sprint and disappear if he thought you were not looking. He would always return, however usually covered in cow, horse, goose or other wild animal excrement. Soon we constructed a compound to contain the wild creature. It was a 5 ft. high cedar picket fence. He now spends the day roaming the compound (which is about an acre in size) while we are at work. He has to stay outside or in his dog cage while we are gone because he will get into EVERY thing if left alone in the house. Each time we think he is finally cured of this habit, and leave him on his own to rest and relax in the house, we return to find a mess. Once he shredded all of our couch cushions and spread little bits of foam all over. It looked like we had a snow storm inside the house. He used to like to drag the cat litter box into our bedroom and dump it in the bed, always on my side, then snack on the turdbits. The cat is now an outside cat so we don’t have that issue anymore.

He is a very affectionate dog and begs to be petted incessantly. Even at about eight years old he still has soft puppy-like fur. He likes to eat, not as much as Ringo did, but he doesn’t miss a meal, unless it is to go for a walk. Besides eating dog, people food and any disgusting thing he might find, he enjoys walking, he loves to nap, won’t miss a ride in the truck, and loves to play a keep away tugging game with his toys whenever he can sucker a visitor into the game. If someone comes to our house he will greet them, then immediately retrieve a toy and try to coax the visitor into playing.

….AND I think he likes to listen to my guitar playing,probably the only one who does! Come to think of it, seems we have a lot in common. What a dog!


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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Thanks for writing this dad! It's so nice to read and remember some of his old habits. He sure was a good dog.

    • Nettlemere profile image


      8 years ago from Burnley, Lancashire, UK

      Skip reminds me of Bruno my labrador - before I got him he was a latch key dog and used to take himself off down the shops for a tin of meat. Several local shop keepers have told me about his antics. He's never quite lost the habit of disappearing on his own adventure if I don't watch him very closely.


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