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My Dog Wacker

Updated on March 8, 2012


Since Katie Couric left the evening news my basset hound Wacker has been a real pain in the butt. He doesn't like Scott Pelley on the news sure he is good on 60 Minutes but he does not have the legs. He just sits there on his cube and channel surfs. One evening he was even watched The Simpsons. He seemed to like the baby. Then he settled on the Dog Whisperer. He gets a kick out of Cesar when he goes in and makes a dog behave. I caught him snickering at a small hairball that seemed to be going nuts over anything. He is always turning to me and smiling menacing. I am afraid he might want to try that crab out on me. As sure as he does there goes his television privileges and he knows it. I think I am going to block that channel. He has kind of settled on Bloomberg West because Charlie Rose comes on after it and Rose is something like a favorite uncle who you like to talk to. It also lets him keep a close watch on his stocks. When he heard that Rose would be anchoring the CBS morning show he started to perk up. When Gayle King was signed on ( One Sexy Mama) in his opinion he started to go to bed early. He is now going to bed right after Craig Ferguson. No longer is he staying up all night drinking Doggie Beer and eating dog biscuits. I’ve got to admit I always thought she is pretty smooth. He is back to being the perky slightly over weight basset he was before Couric left. He was over to the fence just the other day talking to his current girlfriend Sugar, a cute little King Charles. I think he was trying to convince her into using Doggie Spanks-Barks. He said Gayle wore them all the time. Need there be another reason?


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