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My Dog Jumped out of a Moving Convertible and Lived to Bark About It.

Updated on January 14, 2020
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Linda writes articles on a variety of genre's; poetry, recipes, mental health, health & wellness and personal stories about her life.

Puppy's First Ride in the Convertible

Spooky gearing up for her first ride in the new  convertible
Spooky gearing up for her first ride in the new convertible | Source

Twas a Perfect Day to Have the Top Down

It was an unseasonably warm November day when our dog 'Spooky' got her first and last ride in the new convertible. "Auntie, can we bring the puppy for her first ride in the new car?" I've never been able to resist that sweet face and beautiful green eyes. "Why not, it would be a fun adventure for her." I put the top down on the car and headed west towards our first stop. My niece had Spooky on her lap in the passenger seat. The dog was so thrilled for this special adventure, I would swear she was smiling. Between Spooky and Ellie, I don't know who was more excited. Spooky started the ride sitting very lady-like on her bottom but that didn't last long. She stood on all fours on top of ellies thighs with her head held high. I was full of joy seeing how much fun my girls were having.

Things took a Turn for the Worse

Life couldn't be sweeter... Draped in falls warm breeze and listening to great music, l felt like I was in a movie, but as the old saying goes, "all good things must come to an end." I had just entered the town of Long Lake and the speed limit went from 45 to 30. Ellie had been holding Spooky the entire time but we both decided to let her go in the back seat by herself. Ellie was taking pictures of her enjoying her new-found freedom. I reminded my niece to keep her eye on Spooky constantly. As I got into the heart of main street I saw a man walking his two dogs. I had a bad feeling-"Ellie, are you watching Spooky, there are two dogs ahead?" I didn't know at the time because I was concentrating on driving, but Ellie had looked down to check out the pictures she'd just taken of the dog. "Oh my God Auntie, she's gone, she jumped" her frightened voice exclaimed. "Are you serious Ellie?" I could hardly breathe and found myself crying and repeating, "Spooky, Spooky." I turned the car around at the first side road I spotted. I was terrified to find out what happened to our beloved dog. Once we turned around, Ellie was filling me in on what she was seeing. She saw a man lift Spooky into his car and another man waving us down. He told us where we to meet the good samaritan that had Spooky. We drove to a car dealership two blocks away and pulled up next to a large SUV. The kind man handed off a scared and bleeding Spooky to me. He pointed out some cuts he found and asked if my vet clinic was nearby. I thanked him and we were on our way to the clinic to get her checked out.

It's unbelievable how well Spooky fared after jumping out of the convertible. She has cuts on each side of her head but their not very deep. She has a couple of other cuts behind her front legs which are also not deep. All in all, she just had a terrifying experience and is no worse for the wear.

There are things Ellie told me after we got Spooky home and settled in. My poor niece had witnessed her dog rolling down main street once she realized she had jumped. I'm sure that painful memory will stay etched in her mind for years to come. I think about how much worse the scenario could have been. Thank God for the woman behind us who was able to stop in time and not run over Spooky. I am also grateful that traffic behind the woman was able to stop and not create a pile up. Ellie told me the man walking the dogs had been the first person to grab Spooky after she jumped, but she was so shaken up, ran back into traffic. Eventually, a second man who witnessed the whole thing, pulled his car over and was able to grab Spooky and get her into his car.

5 Tips to Keep your Dog Safe

1. Make sure your dog is contained in a car seat or seatbelt

2. Have your dog wear glasses to protect their eyes from high winds, dust, rocks, etcetera.

3. Allergies-dogs can be affected by allergies just like humans. Limit time in convertible.

Bad Choice, Teachable Moment

My niece and I had plenty of guilt for letting the dog go to the back seat on her own, without a leash or seat belt . I pointed out, she and I needed to use this accident as a teachable moment; that we made a poor choice but our intention was good; to let the dog have fun. There are times in life when we learn a lesson the hard way. If we can use our mistakes as learning lessons, it's all good. I'll never forget this scary experience in the convertible. From now on, we'll belt or leash our dog when we get bring our dog for a car ride.

My Poor Baby

Spooky after her bath to clean her wounds
Spooky after her bath to clean her wounds | Source
One of Spooky's Owies
One of Spooky's Owies | Source

Have you ever had a dog jump out of the car

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