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My Experience with peking ducks

Updated on November 23, 2016

4 things I did not expect

There are some things I expected with having ducks and some things I had no idea would happen having duck.

  1. They are extremely messy! They have been messy and smelly since day one. I got them when they were a couple day old. So I chose to keep them in the house in a plastic tub, as opposed to buying a heat lamp and keeping them outside. (I only have two by the way) Now they are outside and they still smell really bad. I live in the country so it's not a huge deal where I am, but if you live in some place with close neighbors its probably not the best idea. I know you're thinking that it's their poop that stinks. WRONG! They have to have a swimming pool and they splash and get water and mud everywhere mixed with their poop and heat in the summer and its enough to make you want to throw up!
  2. They are not easy to tame. I have been handling them since the day I got them holding them and stroking them gently. They have never attached to me, I have had them for almost 7 months now and they still run from me when I go into their pen.
  3. They are very loud. My ducks are a boy and girl. For those of you who don't know the boys can only make a very faint peep like sound. Whereas the girls can make a sound that you can hear from a ways away. In my experience she only does it when she wants something and when she's happy she's quiet.
  4. Male ducks are extremely protective. He is on lookout all the time and if he sees anyone come near his girl he gets up and goes after it. I have had him chase my dogs and my chickens.

Pen or Free Range?

So my intention with my ducks, by the way their names are cheese and quacker. I was going to keep them in the pen that I made them until they were grown and then I was going to introduce them to my chickens. That worked for a while until my (cheese) started to become aggressive towards the chickens. Then it was time for them to have their own space. If you're wondering how to set a duck pen up it is very simple. I had a very nice wooden insulated dog house made for them, which is their shelter and they love it. They have lots of room to roam although I have found that they don't really like to. The only other things they have is a kiddie pool and a large metal food dish. Ducks don't need much, they don't really like to forage for things like my chickens do. All they need is a kiddie pool and they are quite happy!

Would I recommend peking ducks as a pet?

Its hard to say because if i had a lot of land and a nice big pond I would love to have ducks. But they are a lot harder than I anticipated, they require quite a bit of labor. They are so fun to watch but I think I would prefer to watch them at a park and not in my backyard. If you want some kind of backyard bird I would definitely go with chickens.

Would you like ducks as a pet?

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