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My Friend Wacker the Basset Hound and Me

Updated on October 30, 2012
Wacker hanging out on the porch
Wacker hanging out on the porch

Old Friends

Maybe I am just getting old and set in my ways but, a man retired still has to have some routine in his life. In the afternoon I find my easy chair and get my dog Wacker his cube to sit on. I get a drink of some kind usually iced tea or coffee and I get Wacker a fresh bowl of water which is what he prefers. I tried some of the doggie water and some other trendy drinks for dogs ,but he likes a bowl of fresh cold water. He jumps onto his cube facing the television and I set back in my chair. First we watch Ellen. Both of us agree that if we were female and gay we could fall in love with her. Wacker likes Anderson Cooper so I watch it and do a crossword puzzle while he is on. We both eat a small meal and prepare for the evening news. I turn on the world news and mostly listen while we eat. Then Scott Pelley comes on to interpret as we watch. Five days a week I do this same thing. We still like Katy Couric better than Pelley. She has a new show and we get to see her but neither one of us can get interested in it. It is just too bubbly. She belongs in the news room. Both of us agree that we cannot wait until this election is over. The commercials almost make you feel dirty there is so much mud-slinging. Since my wife died in June, Wacker has been depressed. I have tried new toys longer walks and have tried to get him interested in female dogs like he used to, but to no avail. He has had many girlfriends but now he will not even go close to another dog. He just sits there with that forlorn look on his face. Bassets always look sad anyway but those sad looking eyes of his look even worse. Just the other day after the news went off he turned to me on his cube. I thought he would discuss the news with me but instead he wanted to talk about something else. He said Dad, that is what he calls me, “ Dad will everything go back to normal?” I told him time heals but sometimes it drags its feet. I also said that when you are with someone that long and that all of a sudden they are not there that there is an emptiness a void in your life that you may never fill. He shook his head knowingly. We had a good cry and just hung out with one another. I went over and bought a six pack of beer and drank two. Wacker got up on my lap and went to sleep. We will talk again and again as old friends often do. I have two best friends and he is one. Once I move on I imagine he will too. He might get back with the spaniel next door. I am sure she would like that. She just sits and whines at the fence when he is out and he won't even acknowledge that she exists. For now we have one another and it feels pretty dammed good


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    • alzel127 profile imageAUTHOR

      Alex Zelahy 

      5 years ago from Indiana

      Thank you

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Richert 

      5 years ago from Southern Illinois

      I loved this. I know what it's like to lose a love one. I can feel your hurt through your words. God bless you and Wacher. Time does heal. Take care..Cheers..


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