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My Puppy STILL Wakes Up at Night

Updated on October 12, 2015

Potty Training and Your Pup

**Remember to be aware of your pup's potty habits - if they appear to be straining to urinate, have blood in their urine or stool, or are having diarrhea or may be constipated - see your veterinarian!**

Potty training is a long and patience-requiring task. It typically entails waking up at night every two hours for weeks and slowly progressing to longer periods of sleep. Late night runs outside with a crying puppy, middle of the night baths, and cranky mornings are all too familiar to puppy owners.

At some point, though, waking up every couple hours should stop. It may even stop for a week or two, then it starts all over again. Chances are it's your fault.


What You Did

Here's how the typical night goes:

You're sleeping soundly when all the sudden you hear small whimpers that quickly grow into large cries. You get up, let your puppy out, and run out the door with them. You praise them wildly for urinated outside. You then take them inside, put them in their kennel, and repeat the process in two hours.

What you did wrong:

You waited until your pup started crying to take them out, and you got really excited when he urinated outside.

It's understandable for you to think this is the right way, but you're wrong. What you just taught your puppy, night after night, is that when they cry, then get to come out of their kennel, go outside, and you're happy with them.


The Right Way to Potty Train

What you should do:

Set alarms every couple hours, and work your way up as your puppy gets better at holding it through the night. Consider starting with every two hours for the first week, every two and half hours the next week, and so on.

When you take your puppy outside and they urinate, praise them calmly and in a monotone voice. This lets them know they did the right thing, without getting them too excited.

Potty training your puppy doesn't have to be a nightmare that causes you to loose sleep at night and drag through the day. Just remember, your puppy is smart and works for rewards, so only give rewards when it's appropriate and you want that behavior repeated.

Your Puppy Potty Training Experience

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