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My Secret is Beautiful!! Owning a horse can be a beautiful expensive experience.

Updated on August 24, 2013

Riding horses can be very fun, and can be very dangerous.

To be around horses can be very rewarding. I rode for years. I was a natural when I rode. My body would become one with my horse. I was not professional just in love with a beautiful creature provided to us by God.

These are my pictures and may not be used without my permission.
These are my pictures and may not be used without my permission. | Source
Tonie enters into several categories when she enters the rodeos. She is very good. Both of them. These are my pictures and may not be used without my permission.
Tonie enters into several categories when she enters the rodeos. She is very good. Both of them. These are my pictures and may not be used without my permission. | Source

Tonie and her Secret

This is my niece Tonie, and she has a Secret, her beautiful horse that she loves dearly. She rides her in rodeo's, and will win a lot of the time. I asked her how she decided that she wanted a horse. She told me that she came to loving horses because of her cousins who owned horses. When she would go and visit they would let her ride. Her dad took her to a stable to ride horses when she came home from visiting her cousins. At the stables she came to know Secret. The woman who owned her had became sick, and wasn't able to care for Secret any more. She let the stables find someone who would love her, and take good care of her. Tonie fell in love with Secret's sweet disposition plus she was good to ride. That is how Tonie came to have a Secret.

Deciding to own a horse.

It takes a lot of thought when a person wants to own a horse. A horse is not a play thing. A horse is a strong animal, and can be dangerous if you don't take the time to get to know it before you purchase it. But, before getting to know the animal a person needs to calculate the cost of the care, and the time needed for grooming and riding the horse. The cost of caring for a horse can be very expensive. One needs to have veterinary care, a horse requires certain shots every year. There are four core vaccinations that a horse should get every year rabies, tetanus and Equine Encephalomyelitis, and West Nile Virus to keep preventative measures. Rabies and Equine Encephalomyelitis are zoonotic which means humans can contract the disease, so these are a must. A veterinary can administer all but the West Nile Virus vaccination in a one shot dose. The West Nile has booster shots that need to be given afterwards, and should be discussed with your veterinary.

A person can administer the vaccinations themselves, but the risk may not out weigh the cost savings. Some drug companies may not be liable if not given by a licensed veterinary. So, be very careful.

Hoses get colic, and can be caused by a number of reasons. Certain feed especially if the feed has gotten soured can make a horse colic. Making sure their feed is clean and dry and fresh at all times. Buy only fresh feed and don't buy feed on sale it may be too old.

I had a horse one time that got foundered by eating grass to short and the ground too dry. When he ate the grass roots he got a lot of sand in his stomach. He started to roll, and their intestines are very loose, so they can knot and kink up this will kill the horse. We had to call our veterinary out, which was late in the night, so was not cheap, he gave Sun a shot for pain and administered mineral oil to wash the sand out. We had to walk the horse all night long. But, thank goodness we were able to save him.

A horse needs to wormed also. every three months. Teeth cleaning is very important at least once a year.

Cleaning and trimming a horses hooves can be challenging. A good Farrier is a good idea. The hooves need this at least every six weeks.

I suggest a lot of reading about the care of a horse before deciding to buy one. There is a lot of good information on the net. Please take the time you will not be sorry.

What is tack? Bridles, saddles and ropes.

You have decided that you can afford the medical part of caring for a horse. Now you have to have the things needed to be able to ride your horse. What type of riding gear do you want. There are several different ways of riding I will just mention a couple here. Western riding gear is pretty usual here in the southern states. This is the type of tack I preferred, but I never tried English riding. I like a saddle I feel safe in, and the English saddle seemed a little precarious to me even though I rode a lot bareback with no saddle at all. I loved riding bareback mainly because I didn't want to bother with putting a saddle on the horse, and the horses I rode were very good and easy to ride. But, a good saddle and bridle is a must also a good lead rope. My horse broke a new bridle because I tied him with the reins, and he pulled until they broke. Keep a good lead rope with you when you ride. Keeping a halter on your horse is a good idea when you take the bridle off, so that it will be easy to hold on to your horse while you saddle him/her.

Tack can be very expensive too. Sometimes a person can find good used equipment on the internet. Again, taking the time to do research will really pay off.

Where are you going to keep your horse. If you have some property that is great you can keep your horse near you, but a lot of people board their horse. My niece needs to do this for now because even if you have property you still need to build an area that your animal can get out of the weather, and fence the area off. Boarding can be expensive too. Some people swap helping out in the barn stall area to help with fees. Do research I can't express this enough. I have owned horses, and it can be very stressing at times.

Are we done yet. Nope, lol, now you have to choose and get to know your beautiful horse.

I hope I have given you a good idea of what you need to think about when you want to get a horse. Take some time to get to know any animal before you purchase it. I would take at the very least two to six months to get to know any horse before purchasing. An animal may not show any bad sides for a while. Just show lots of love and patience when getting to know the horse, and always show these when working with the horse. The horse will appreciate it a lot, and will show it. Your taking the time for research, and the time you take getting to know the horse you want to purchase will pay off in the long run.

So, always have fun with your choses in life, and enjoy.


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