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full blooded pomeranian

Updated on August 19, 2011

But I love him

Pomeranian's make great pets
Pomeranian's make great pets

I have a dog & a cat my dog is named Rambo, he is a full blooded pomeranian and I will tell you he is smart and was very easy to train.

Rambo is right by my side wherever I go and if I sit down to watch TV for example he will jump right up in my lap, but the funny thing is when he is in my lap no-one can come near me without getting him mad, if my son walks by he will start growling and if you try to pet him when he is in my lap then he will growl or he might even bite you (he has bitten about 30 people or so since I have had him) its usually more like a bluff that a bite..the will growl and strike his head down like a snake acting like he is going to bite you, if he could play cards he would be good because he is the master of bluffing..HAHAHA

Anyway I trained Rambo so that when he needs to use the restroom he will simply walk to the door and bark once and sit down, if you don't come in a few minutes he will bark again until he gets let out to go, I also taught him how to open the fridge and to bring me a can coca cola or a bottle of water, although I have to tie a string to the handle of the fridge so he can open it with his mouth, I can say Rambo bring me a water and he will go get me a bottle of water, he does know the difference between coke and water, I taught him just like you would teach a child I held up a bottle of water and said rambo get my water and would roll it until finally after a few minutes he picked it up with his mouth and I gave him a treat as a reward, and I did that until he had it mastered then I would sit it in the fridge and tell him to get it and I had to get down on my hands and knees and bite the string to open the fridge to teach him to do it and he learned to bring me a water, you should try it if you have a pomeranian, they are really smart and easy to train and when he grabs a coke it is very entertaining to everyone.

The down side to having a pomeranian is that you have to break them from wanting to sleep in the bed with you and you can do that by getting them their own bed and sometimes because they are so short they have a hard time getting around, you might have to get a stool for it to get up onto the couch etc also they are bad to get arthritis but it is nothing that a vet can't help you with.

Anyway Thanks for reading my hub I am gonna post one soon about my crazy cat snowflake.

I need 20 people to help me reach my dream.


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  • moonlake profile image


    6 years ago from America

    Cute dog looks a lot like the one our daughter found. I love little dogs, well I love all dogs and cats. Voted uP!

  • manthy profile imageAUTHOR


    7 years ago from Alabama,USA

    Yes it is I have 2 pomeranins

    and they both bite

  • glassvisage profile image


    7 years ago from Northern California

    Is that photo really of your dog? This was a great read. My great-aunt had dogs like this. They were ankle-biters too!

  • AngelaKaelin profile image


    7 years ago from New York

    That's a cute dog, but when I look at his eyes, I see something else. It's nice to have someone looking out for you. I have a cat who looks out for me! Great hub! Love the pic!

  • Sierra Greer profile image

    Sierra Greer 

    8 years ago

    Just had a chance to read the hub about your Pomeranian! How cute. Just goes to show how intelligent dogs really are!

    Sierra Greer

  • manthy profile imageAUTHOR


    8 years ago from Alabama,USA

    Thanks - since I'm just starting out on Hubpages I am trying to keep my hubs real simple because I'm not really a writer I am just trying to learn, I only have a 8th grade education so I have a hard time doing much..LOL but I am having fun on here!

  • Betty Reid profile image

    Betty Reid 

    8 years ago from Texas

    Very cute hub.


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