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Pet grooming invention

Updated on February 24, 2009

I call this the Sparkle Pet

This unit is designed to be a complete professional grooming salon in a portable unit. It is designed to make grooming fun and easy for home grooming, mobile grooming, show grooming... anywhere you have a water source and a drain.

My unit would be a COMPLETE AND PORTABLE system for washing your pets anywhere. It entails a closed unit that is lightweight and easy to store that would fold out to encompass all the major needs of a professional but easy enough for a pet owner to use at home.
Once the unit is opened you would just adjust the legs to accomidate uneven floors or ground outdoors or size of the dog( you could put 2 legs inside the bathtub for easy draining or small space issues)
Then you would unscrew your showerhead and screw on the hose that stores inside the Sparklepet unit. Attach the drain hose that also stores inside the unit to drain the water wherever you would like.

The ramp is purely conceptual and I wont get into it right now but you would just put the dog inside the Sparkle pet like you would at your salon, hook the dog onto one of the 3 fasteners.

Now when you hook up the water hose it is attached to a siphon-flow shampoo and conditioner dispenser so you just adjust the water to either shampoo, conditioner or clear water and viola! you wash

There is a large double hair trap and filter, and a 3 sided backsplash (that folds down when you are finished) which keeps all the hair inside the unit.

In the pictures it shows the closed position with the grooming arm up, but it folds down to become the handle which locks into place, making it easy to take anywhere but it is a fully adjustable grooming arm and fully functioning grooming table to fininsh your pets grooming/ drying needs.

OPENED and CLOSED position

unit opened
unit opened
unit closed
unit closed
hose can adapt to MOST connections with a universal adaptor
hose can adapt to MOST connections with a universal adaptor


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    • profile image

      Tom 8 years ago

      This looks like a great product for owners who are serious about taking care of their pets. The fact that it is designed by a Professional Groomer makes you realize that it is truly a functional and practical unit that would address all the requirements for bathing and grooming your pet. I hope to hear that it is available in the near future.