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My Crazy Cat

Updated on May 24, 2014

Fairly normal

Here he is looking fairly normal - perhaps a little bored of me and my camera.

Somewhat surprised and shocked now

He always has a knack of pulling the funny face movements as I am about to take a picture.. Perfect timing really.

Tongue out

He likes to sleep with his tongue sticking out a lot of the time. In this picture it is not out half as far as it normally is.

Put 'em up, put 'em up!

He has the amazing habit of falling asleep in a variety of different positions.

Tongue in

Fairly normal picture this one. Mind you, it is worth taking a picture of him in a normal position as that in itself is something odd.. as you will see.

Vampire on his back

I have to say, after taking this, I did give him a nudge because it does look too freaky and mainly, I was worried that he might have died in his sleep for a moment! - he was fine and annoyed that I had woken him up.


Another prize moment when the catnip took hold and the mouse filled dealer had to be withdrawn for safety reasons!

A pre-yawn captured

Just after this he gave a big wide yawn. I would have liked to have caught that but sadly my camera isn't the best and it was "recovering" from this shot


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