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Updated on June 24, 2013

Birds the beauty of nature, are one of the most diverse species of all fauna. In Bangladesh, people sleep at night & rise early in the morning hearing the sweet songs of different birds. Being a small country it is very rich in avifauna. The avifauna of Bangladesh includes a total of 466 species. It is a beautiful & agricultural country. So it has a lot of food grains. Besides, it has lots of fruits, fishes, insects, trees, bushes, forest, piker’s & marshy rivers. All these things have made this country an ideal home for birds to live in.

The climate of Bangladesh is suitable for the living of birds. For this reason we see various kinds of birds in this country. They differ in size, color & nature. They are broadly divided into four classes-

o Teasing Birds

o Gaming Birds

o Singing Birds

o Plundering Birds

There are some other birds which come from far cold countries during winter. They are called ‘Guest bird’ and locally ‘Otithi pakhi’.


NATIONAL BIRD OF BANGLADESH: Magpie robin is the national bird of Bangladesh. It is so common & so nice bird. It is medium size bird. It builds nest in bushes & jungle. Its tone is so sweet. It mainly eats insects. In Bangladesh there are 35 species found of this bird. It is called locally ‘doel’.

CROW: It is the most popular bird in Bangladesh. It is seen everywhere from sunrise to sunset. Its color is black. It has strong leg & beaks. It is medium to large size. It is so clever bird. Its voice is harsh. It builds its nest on a long tree. It eats everything. . It is called locally ‘kak’.

HAWKS, KITES & EAGLE: In avifauna they are so powerful birds. They have keen eyesight, strong legs, powerful talons & powerful hooked beaks for tearing flesh for their target. It builds its nest in big trees. There are 26 species found in Bangladesh. They are called ‘bazpakhi’, ‘chil’ , ‘eagle’ .

WOODPECKER: It is a nice bird. It is small to medium size bird. It has short legs, stiff tails and long tongues used for capturing insects. It makes hole in the bark of the trees and eats up harmful insects. It makes its nest in trees holes. In Bangladesh 18 species have been found. It is called locally ‘kaththokra’.

KINGFISHER & HERON: They are so common birds in Bangladesh. They are found in the watery place. Kingfisher is small to medium size bird & heron is large size bird. They catch small fish & feed on them.  In Bangladesh 11 species kingfisher found. They are called locally ‘machhranga’, ‘bok’.

BULBUL: Bulbul is one of the most popular birds in Bangladesh. It is a colorful bird. It is medium size bird. It is short necked slender passerines. It tails are long & wings short & rounded. It feed insects. It is a singing bird. Only 11 species have been found in Bangladesh. It is called locally ‘bulbuli’.

OWLS: It is small to large size bird. It has strong legs & large forward-facing eyes and ear-holes. Most owls are actively hunting their prey only in darkness. It lives mainly on insects, mice, rats and hares. It builds its nest on big trees, hill & jungle. In Bangladesh 14 species have been found. It is called locally ‘pacha’.

PIGEON & DOVE: They are small to medium size bird. They look so nice. Pigeon is very fond of home. Pigeon originally lived in high place- roof, eaves, steeples, man-made structure and cave near the sea. They mainly feed seeds & grains. They also feed insects, fruit and vegetation. They are called locally ‘kobutor’, ‘ghogu’.

CUCKOO: Cuckoo is variable size. It has long tail & strong legs. It comes in spring & stay till summer. It is singing bird. Everybody likes it for its sweet voice. 20 species have been found in Bangladesh. It is called locally ‘kokil’.

PEAFOWL: Amongst all the species of pea-cock green & blue peacocks are extinct in Bangladesh. Moreover some grey pea-cock is seen in Bangladesh but they are critically endangered.

In Bangladesh there are some other common birds. They are swallow, falcon, sparrow, crane, duck, sea- gull, skimmers, terns, storm-petrels, tropic-birds, pelicans, boobies, gannets, Indian cormorant, spoonbills, geese, egrets, storks, ibises, swans, osprey, rails, crakes, coots, sun grebe, jacanas, painted snipe, terns, horn-bills, bar-bets, pitas, lark, martins, bats etc.

It is known that the climate of world’s changing rapidly for many natural & man-made causes. For this, many species of birds are endangered now. It will hamper our ecological balance. For our own interest we should concern everyone about the impact of the extinction of birds.      


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      Md. Ripon Miah 3 years ago

      This page is very nice.

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      Kudrat-E-Khuda Barat 5 years ago from Bangladesh

      Really nice hub about Birds of Bangladesh. A good reference infact.

      Thanks for sharing!

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      MD.Rasheduzzaman 5 years ago from Dhaka,Bangladesh


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      Fahad 5 years ago

      This page is very very beautiful

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      Anoop Aravind A 5 years ago from Nilambur, Kerala, India

      hi good hub.All these birds are familiar for me.these birds are seen in India also.

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      Jubiar 6 years ago from Banladesh

      nice post. thanks.