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NEW PRODUCT! "Snake Skinz"

Updated on July 13, 2012
Disclaimer: This is not the actual product. However, your snakes will be similarly fluffy with our product. Buy Now!!!
Disclaimer: This is not the actual product. However, your snakes will be similarly fluffy with our product. Buy Now!!!

There is a new product out there for people who have snakes as pets. Yes, it's "Snake Skinz", the product that will turn your slithery pet into a furry, cuddly animal that won't scare away family members, friends, or total strangers!

This is a limited time offer, so act now! Snake skins are long, adjustable "clothes" for your pet snake, which come in a variety of fabrics, colors and textures. Let's be honest, most people hate snakes for their slithery creepiness. How can we fix that? Easy! What if the snake had some nice, fluffy fur on its head and body that could be petted, combed, and cuddled?? Trust us, your slithery animal will turn into a long and cuddly cute pet once it has fur!

Simply slide your pet snake into the "jacket" of choice like you slide a closed umbrella or sword into its sheath. Its simply that easy!!

Comes in the following designs:

-Zebra stripes

-Cheetah spots

-Lion with mane (extra fluffy on the head)

-Tiger stripes

-Raccoon tail

-Poodle curls

-Shag carpet in various colors

-Camo (desert or jungle)

-Or customize your own by choosing fur length or by adding your favorite NFL/NBA/MLB/NHL/College sports/ or NASCAR logo!!!

Want some headgear to go with your snakes new look? We thought so! Choose from a variety of snake hats with elastic bands that will keep them from falling off your little buddy's head! Choose from cowboy hats, baseball hats, winter caps, ski helmets, bicycle helmets, top hats, beanies, bowler hats, visors, pimp hats etc.

Now you're ready to go out on the town with your new pimped out snake! Does it slither too slowly to go out for a a walk? No problem! We have narrow skateboards called Snake-Boards (TM), that you can tie your snakes to and pull him down the street to show everyone how proud you are of your cute pet. This is a great way to meet girls or that "special someone"! You'll be bound to get interested looks and people begging to pet your new furry friend. Snakes will no longer be seen as disgusting and cold blooded creatures, but as long and fluffy legless dogs!

Buy now, while supplies last! "Snake Skinz" (TM) can be yours for the introductory special price of 10 payments of $47.78/coat! That's a price that cannot be beat for such a unique product.

For those of you who want to pamper your snakes we also offer real fox, minx, bear, raccoon, opossum, beaver, and squirrel furs for 10 easy payments of $99.99 each!!! WOW!!!

Call within the next 22 seconds and get a FREE Snake-Board (TM) to pull your little buddy around on! This is a value of $35.99!!! AMAZING!

Don't let people be disgusted by your pet snake anymore. You owe it to him/her to dress it, get it petted, and to make it new friends! Your new and improved snake will be the envy of your trailer park.

Call now! Your snake will thank you!!

(Offer not available in Alaska, Hawaii, or most of the lower 48 states)

More Snake Fun!!!


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