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August 26th, National Dog Day

Updated on September 24, 2017

National Dog Day (August 26th)

National Dog Day, 26th August
National Dog Day, 26th August

August 26th is National Dog Day

The national dog day was founded by the Pet & Family Lifestyle Expert and Animal Advocate Colleen Paige in the year 2004. He selected this date, because, he adopted his first dog on this date, at the age of 10 years. He, also, founded the national puppy day, National Mutt Day and National Cat Day also.

Every year, Millions of homeless and abandoned dogs are taken to shelters. And this day serves to raise awareness about rescuing dogs and encourage for adoption. The goal of the National Dog Day Foundation is to rescue 10,000 dogs each year.

You can refer these websites and reference to know about National Dog Day,

Pet Statistics in the United States
US War dog association
Animal humane society, 2016 Anual Report

National Dog Day Foundation

Facts and information about national dog foundation,

  • National dog day foundation was founded by Colleen Paige in the year 2004.
  • National Dog Day (August, 26th) was accepted by the New York State Legislature in 2013.
  • The goal of the National Dog Day Foundation is to rescue 10,000 dogs each year.
  • The National Dog Day foundation is open for all kinds of dogs, pure and mixed breed, they serve to help stimulate to know the count of dogs that need to be rescued every year.
  • National Dog Day is against any kind of "breed ban".
  • Social networking - Facebook Page
  • Offical website

The shelter dog statistic, In USA

Yearly shelter dog statistic, In USA
Yearly shelter dog statistic, In USA

You may not like to know the numbers of Euthanized dogs, more than 1.2 million dogs are Euthanized every year, only in USA. See the data for Yearly Homeless and Abandoned dogs, entering to animal shelters in USA.

  • Dogs enter to animal shelters: 3.9 million
  • Euthanized dogs: 1.2 million (31%)
  • Adopted: 1.35 million (35%)
  • Returned to owner: 0.92 million (24%)

Goals of National dog day

The Primary goal of the goal of "National dog day" is to Rescue the homeless and abandoned dogs. And another goal is, to value and appreciate the importance of dogs in our lives and stand against cruelty. The millions of dogs are suffering from active or passive cruelty. Ignorance, negligence are the cases of passive cruelty.

The facts about animal and dog cruelty,

  • 1: Each year, 10,000 bull dogs die in bullfighting.
  • 2: 3 to 4 million cats and dogs (young, healthy and adoptable) are euthanized every year in shelters.
  • 3: In the United States alone, 1.13 million animals are used in testing and research every year.
  • 4: More than 15 million warm blooded animals are used in research world wide.
  • 5: 13% of animal abuse involves domestic violence.

National dog day celebration.

The dog day celebration is just not to take your dog outside, or greet and treat him. There are many other ways to celebrate "National dog day".

How to celebrate "National Dog Day"?

Here are some ways to celebrate National Dog Day.

1. Go for an outing.

  • You can take your dog to drive.
  • Go and play outside.
  • Visit your dog loving friend's house with your pet.

2. Dog parties

  • Invite dog-loving friends with their dogs, to join the group at a special place like the community park or dog club.

3. Gifts

  • A soft toy, delicious treat, the new bed or new dog house is a good idea, greet your dog on the occasion of a special day.

4. Donation for shelters

  • You can spend some donation or gifts for dogs to dog shelters.
  • Take some shelter dogs for an outing or vet care.

5. Social sites and wishes

  • Post your pet's memorable photographs on facebook or other networking sites.
  • Wish your dog owner friends and post greetings to social sites.

6. Adopt a dog or encourage for adoption

  • The best way to adopt a dog from a shelter or encourage your friends for adoption.

Would you like to adopt a dog from shelter?

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