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Natural Healing ~ A Dog's Upset Stomach

Updated on September 29, 2008

The Natural Approach

An upset stomach can cause worry and mounds of sympathy for your ailing dog. No one likes to watch their puppy struggle with nausea or lay down in obvious pain. Your veterinary should always be your first option, but since it sometimes becomes impossible to bring your pet in at your convenience or on the same day, keeping up-to-date on the best home remedies is a great option.

Such issues as; consuming too much of a good thing, eating something foreign, or having difficulty adjusting to a new addition into their diet can lead to an aggravated stomach. Home remedies are becoming increasingly popular for the minor unsettled tummy.

First, it's a good idea to check your dog's symptoms to make sure it's not something more than the simple upset stomach. Begin by checking your dog's dehydration level. This can be accomplished simply by gently pulling it's skin at the neck to see how well it springs back to it's normal state. If it seems to have a delayed response in repositioning, it may prove to be something more serious. In this case, your Vet should be your first course of action in recommending the proper method of healing and to bring hydration levels back to normal. If there is blood in the stool or in it's vomit, these are also clues that your dog requires more of a professional screening.

But, if symptoms do not point to anything more serious then your dog getting a hold of something it shouldn't have, you can try these basic tips for quick and easy relief.

  1. The Fast ~ dogs that have been vomiting or show signs of diarrhea require a much needed food break. 12-24 hours of absolutely no food or treats will do wonders in clearing your pup's digestive tract.

  2. The Feed ~ Once your dog's intestines have been cleared from harmful containments, it can be reintroduced to feeding. Cooked rice in chicken stock with an addition of bland cooked chicken can take the place of your dog's regular diet. One or two small meals divided throughout the day will be a gentle way of insuring your dog has completely cleared it's system.

  3. The Dehydration Factor ~ A great way of dealing with the aftermath of vomiting, diarrhea and subsequent dehydration is to add electrolytes into your pup's water bowl. A small amount of Gatorade or Pedialyte are two great additions.

  4. Acidophilus ~ Plain yogurt, which contains acidophilus is known to be a soothing remedy for upset tummies in both humans and dogs. A tablespoon either served alone or mixed with bland rice will help aid in a digestion into recovery.

  5. Keep Watch ~ Pay close attention to your dog while it's in the process of healing. If your dog continues to seem uneasy, tired, lethargic or simply not the playful dog you know and love, it's time to bring in the Vet.


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