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Natural Treatment for Myositis in Dogs

Updated on May 17, 2014

The last thing we want to see is our pets suffer from chronic pain. They may not complain, but we can see by their eyes, their mobility and decreased level of activity that things are just not right.

Myositis, an auto-immune disease found in dogs, can come on very quickly and can be very debilitating. Myositis occurs when the muscle fibres become inflamed and this can lead to the degeneration of them.

What the owner needs to watch for is muscle pain, swelling and weakness, a stiff gait, difficulty swallowing liquids and food, regurgitation and fatigue. Since these symptoms usually come on suddenly, the progress of the disease is quick.

There are several causes of myositis. The disease can be brought on by a parasitic infection such as neospora, toxoplasma or hepatozoon which leads to inflamation. Rickettsia, a bacteria carried by ticks, fleas and lice, other bacterial or viral infections, secondary symptoms associated with cancer, an injury or side-effects of the statin and fibrate drugs are also deemed as underlying causes of myositis.

When the disease centers in the jaw muscle, it is referred to as masticatory muscle myositis. The dog that has this condition has difficulty opening his or her mouth. It is painful to chew because the muscles used for chewing are inflamed and swollen.

A veterinarian can best determine whether a dog has myositis. Veterinarians prescribe steroids and immosuppressive drugs, nutrients and recommend dietary changes for the condition.

There are natural treatments that can be used in conjunction with the conventional treatment prescribed by a veterinarian. I am a Homeopathic practitioner and I have been practising homeopathy for 20 years. Many of my clients ask me to recommend homeopathics in addition to what their veterinarians prescribe for their ailing pets. I have had excellent results treating one of my client’s dogs which suffers from myositis with chlorophyll and Belladonna, a homeopathic remedy. I use chlorophyll to provide a die off of any possible underlying parasitic infection. Chlorophyll also helps fight bacteria and viruses. Belladonna is also indicated. It helps to address the infection and inflamation.

There are several homeopathic remedies to choose from to help with this condition. A veterinarian who has training in homeopathy can best decide on the correct remedy and potency for a dog with myositis.


Dear Pam,

I would like to thank you for helping cure my dog. She was diagnosed with auto- immune myositis. (She couldn’t eat, drink or walk.) After your wonderful care, we now have an active, healthy, happy dog. Thanks again. Elizabeth.


The health care systems in the United States and Canada do not always recognize "alternative" or "complementary" health care. Pam Nori is a Homeopathic practitioner and not a medical doctor or veterinarian and uses natural homeopathic methods of assessment and treatment of the person. Homeopathic treatment has been proven clinically, however, the treatment may not be an accepted practice by conventional medicine. The information on this web page is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure an illness or a disease of a person or animal. Pam views homeopathy as a complementary health care system and recognises the importance of people also seeing their physicians and obtaining veterinarian expertise for their animals.


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