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Natural or Nuts? Dave Salmoni and Timothy Treadwell

Updated on August 31, 2008

Dave Salmoni and Timothy Treadwell

In between writing on my new novel on this Sunday afternoon, I'm sitting here watching a program on Animal Planet that I had watched the tail end of months ago. The show I'm watching is titled "In the Lion's Den". Have you seen it? It reminds me of the show about the Grizzly Man (Timothy Treadwell) - the guy who worked for something like 17 years with wild bears. It is critical to respect wild animals and their instincts. Absolutely critical. These are not house pets. They are not trained animals at a zoo. I think both guys do/did respect the animals tremendously, but like anything else, over decades I think it can be easy to fall into the thought that you're so experienced and have been around wild animals so much that you are starting to "fit in" with the wild animals.

I love animals and think they are marvellous, marvellous beings. Animals are absolutely amazing. We don't love and respect them for nothing.

I'm watching this show titled Into the Lions Den wondering why this guy (Dave Salmoni) would even do this? Why would he even want to do this? I don't know but he's getting to within like 7 - 10 yards of a wild lion pride. If there was a good reason for him doing this, I'd understand it. But it seems to be done out of sheer human curiosity, and I don't get that. Maybe there's something about his work I don't know or understand.

For animal lovers at HubPages, what are your thoughts about this type of work?

I know humans and wild animals once co-existed, although I'm not sure how gracioiusly. Gotta be a reason why we went into caves and built our own homes and went in separate directions. I was scared just watching this guy get close to the lions. These are animals that can charge and be on you within seconds. It amazes me that some people are driven to live around wild animals, at times almost as if they are part of the animal's family. If you get this and understand it, help me, because I don't get this at all. And do you think humans and wild animals once lived together like one family millions or billions of years ago?

It's just a question. Please don't go running off into the wild.

Denise Webbing It Up


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