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Neem A Dogs New Best Friend

Updated on July 5, 2011

neem to control flees

Neem to control flees
Neem to control flees

Neem for your Dog

Neem is a tree that flourishes in tropical climates, though few know about its medicinal properties, except that it keeps mosquitoes at bay wherever it grows and burning the

dried leaves keeps them off your porch. Neem is a lush, fast growing shade tree and in India, where neem has been used safely and effectively for thousands of years, it is most well known as "the village pharmacy."

All parts of the neem tree are used for a variety of conditions. Though it has

many medical references for humans from skin conditions, such as acne and

psoriasis, to diabetes, to serving as an effective anti-malarial, -fungal, -bacterial, -parasite remedy, it is also a valuable pet remedy and safe insecticide to use on pets and plants.

Ticks: Dabbing a small amount of neem oil in a dogs' ears prevents ticks from "digging in".

They may go into the ears, but are easily removed without painful extractions as

they do not latch on. This is true also when the oil is used on plants as a nontoxic insecticide. The insects may go to the leaf, but will not eat it.

Mange: In addition to keeping ticks and fleas from infesting your pet, neem oil shampoo safely keeps mange and scabies mites away, promoting a healthy coat and skin without using toxic chemicals. You can make your own doggie neem shampoo by adding neem oil

to any mild dog shampoo. Bathe your dog with the shampoo a few times a week and leave the shampoo on for as long as possible before rinsing. A method long used for treating problem areas or “hot spots” is to make a paste from fresh neem leaves and turmeric (4 to 1) by pounding the leaves, as with a pestal and mortar.

Another way to use neem leaves on dogs and cats to protect and maintain healthy skin and coat is to make a strong neem leaf tea or extract, and simply spray it on. Parasites/Immune system booster: The neem leaf is a powerful herb that strengthens the immune system, supports liver function, purifies the blood and can eliminate intestinal parasites (all, except


Neem has also been shown to inhibit viruses and prevent them from entering and infecting cells, and suppresses the fungus that causes ringworm to thrive in dogs.

Although neem is documented as very safe for use, as`with any plant medicine, it is recommended that you do your own investigation regarding traditional use, dose, preparation, history, and current research as well as clinical results.


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