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Dachshund Gifts and More Website

Updated on April 14, 2015
Missing Link profile image

Missing Link is originally from rural Ohio. He currently lives in Hillsboro, OR. with his Wife and two Sons.

This is a picture of Charlie when he was getting up there in years.  He is the Dachshund that owned me for 14 years.  He was a joy beyond words!
This is a picture of Charlie when he was getting up there in years. He is the Dachshund that owned me for 14 years. He was a joy beyond words!

Dachshund History

The authentic origin of the Dachshund as a breed can be traced to Germany during the years 1550-1850. The Dachshund first appeared in the United States between 1879 and 1885. World War I almost spelled the end for the doxie. Anti German sentiment made it unpopular to own a Dachshund at the time. The popularity of the breed improved somewhat only to once again encounter anti German sentiment during World War II.

After WW II, the Dachshund Club of America carried out a successful educational campaign to reduce and/or eliminate the unfair bias the breed had endured. The Dachshund has since experienced an ever growing popularity.

Dachshund Traits

The primary purpose for which the Dachshund was developed was to hunt the badger. The Dachshund (translation: Badger Dog) required specific traits such as courage, stamina and, perseverance beyond what is usually expected of any other hunting dog. This and other Dachshund facts make the breed unique and memorable.

Dachshunds are best known for their elongated body and short, stout legs. This made them the perfect hunting dog in regards to digging into and entering the underground home of the badger. Dachshunds are also known as wiener dog, hot dog and, sausage dog. A Dachshund is also referred to as “doxie” or “a doxie”.

The two sizes, Standard and Miniature, come in several colors with black, black and tan, and red being the most common. Their coats are distinguished by three varieties: Smooth, Long-haired and, Wire-haired.

I Have a Dachshund Website

I love Wiener Dogs so much that I have a website dedicated to them. The site tells you about Charlie, the wonderful Dachshund I use to have, gives you information about Wiener Dogs in general and, acts as a portal to thousands of wonderful Dachshund gifts.

There is Dachshund news and articles 2012 to current in addition to articles I have authored myself. There are vintage and antique Dachshund photos and postcards as well as contemporary ones.

I am sure that the Links Page on my site is the most comprehensive in the world. There are links for 47 of the 50 states as well as from 37 countries. Many Dachshund Blogs are listed.

There are also Dachshund videos, comedy and in general, lots of fun to be had.

UPDATE - As of 4/14/15, I have had 211,275 visits to the site since I started it in 2008.

I am constantly working on and adding to the site and give all proceeds to Dachshund Rescues.

Thank you very much for visiting this hub!

Poll added 4/14/15

Have you ever had a Dachshund or known someone who did?

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A Fun Video


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    • profile image

      Link 7 years ago

      Hi Zelda, I believe it can be done. The sooner you start training the better. Use some of the same methods I talk about on the site--listed above, use patience, love, practice, etc. Consult a pro trainer perhaps if you have extra money. Run a google search---I'm sure there are some skateboarding dogs out there somewhere---and hopefully a doxie or two. Good luck!

    • profile image

      LINK-ZELDA 7 years ago

      What If you want to teach your dog to skateboard? Any advice for that?.....

    • profile image

      Andy 8 years ago

      hey,i use to have a big weiner named daisy,but you already know that.great sight buddy.

    • Annie T. Baxter profile image

      Annie T. Baxter 8 years ago from Southern Louisiana

      Hi Link! Nice regards the doorbell question, another way I found is to use tiny treats as the reward between barks. So, when the dog is barking, no response from you. But, as soon as the dog takes a silence break, immediately say "quiet" then reinforce with the treat. Only reinforcing the behavior that you want and ignoring the behavior that you do not want. (Like everything in life, there is always an option!) Just depends on how your pup responds to which type of approach.

      Anyway, glad to read of your Hub...

      Until next time...

      Annie T. Baxter

    • Missing Link profile image

      Missing Link 8 years ago from Oregon

      Hello Stanleyreese and thanks for viewing my hub!

      Get a plastic spray bottle and fill it with water.  Have it turned to squirt or stream.  Every time your Dachshund barks per the doorbell squirt him once or twice with water and at the same time chastise him by saying something like "quiet, quiet".  Do this immediately.  Don't scream or yell.

      Dachshunds hate to be squirted like this.  Have a friend or family member go outside and ring the bell a few times everyday and use this training method.  It will take patience and time but I think you will see quite a bit of improvement if you use this method.

      The Doxie will come to associate being squirted and chastized with their barking at the door bell.  The doxie's memory that a squirt is coming if they bark will deter the doxie from barking. 

      This is what I suggest.  Please also see other training ideas/methods referenced on my site. 

      Please keep me updated.  Best wishes!



    • stanleyreese profile image

      stanleyreese 8 years ago from Alabama

      Max. He is a dasch....dachs,....errr, weiner dog. A wire haired weiner dog who loves Christmas and opening gifts. But, we can never get him to hush when the doorbell rings. Any advice?