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New cat at home

Updated on May 15, 2009

Prepare the new arrival

So you will receive a new kitten at home?

Congratulations, it will be awesome!

Simply and rapidly I will explain how to prepare your house to the new arrival...

First you already must be aware that your pet is a living being, that will live for 15 or more years and will not deserve to be abandoned, be conscious when adopting a pet.

So what to buy?

FOOD- If you have a kitten, don't buy too much food as he will eat as necessary and that is not that much, the food will loose flavour or get bad for consumption. Keep your cat's nutritional needs in mind, a kitten must eat kitten food!

Don't abuse can food since it may caude diarreas and bad fezes odor.

To put the food the best is automatic food or water servers, it will keep the yummis of your baby cat fresh and available!

Litter Box

Litter box and cats instint to use it is one of the best benefits of being a cat owner.There are several tipes of litter boxes from the plain tray to the house with door, automatic are also becoming popular. You should choose what suits your needs, one cat is different of several cats and demands different boxes.

If your cat is afraid or the bathroom with the door you should not force him to use it.

The litter I prefer is the cheapest one, don't make funny faces because that doesn't mean is not good!

Perfumed litter is bad for your cat and silica is as bad as the last one as it's very expensive and doesn't work at all. Clumping clay type of litter can´t be dangerous if eaten I don't recommend for baby cats.

Grooming Tools

Well groomed cats are healthier and happier. Grooming can also be an opportunity for you and your cat to connect. It's necessary to groom a cat's hair to help prevent hairballs and keep your house hair free! To groom hair, purchase a rubber-backed pin brush and a fine-tooth comb.

Clipping your cat's nails also helps prevent overgrown toenails and excessive scratching. For your cat's comfort and ease of use, purchase a nail clipper specifically designed for cats.

Scratching Pole or park

Cats will scratch they can't help doing it!

Providing your cat with a scratching pole can help save your couches and curtains and keep your cat amused and well exercised. Like toys, scratching posts are available in a wide variety of shapes, styles, and prices. Many purchased at a store also have catnip scent to attract your cat's attention.Some will have birds, toys, balls hanging, it's a plus on the fun!

I know some tutorials to make a cheap sky-high pole, you may expect it in a next hub, ok?

Cat Toys

Cats and cat owners love to play, it's a load of fun and time to bond and sometimes get them tired so they sleep and don't mess around, much!


One of the plane and favourite cat toy is the “dangling lure” variety. Before purchasing, be certain that all parts are sturdily connected and won't be a choking hazard for your cat.

Fishing Poles are swell! Mousses... very toy are fun fun fun for your baby cat and adult cat since they enjoy play time through out all life!

Your only limits are space and budget!I know mines are! (lol)

Cat Carrier

It pays out to have a good cat carrier, it is in it that your pet will do all the travels to the vet or even long trips. many of them like to sleep in it when being at home, mine like, and play in it...

For long-term use, purchase a sturdy plastic carrier with a door that latches. Put a favorite blanket in the carrier and your cat will feel comfortable and secure in his travels.


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    • Ellandriel profile image

      Ellandriel 9 years ago from Portugal

      Lol it sure sounds like my kitty that unfortunatly passed away a few month ago. She run like crazy fetching some toy I through to her.

      I miss her so much. None of mine do that, she was one of a kind!

      But truth be told, they play with everything, toilet paper, bags, candy wrappers, pencils, the food, the food dish, the shower..... and so on....

    • k@ri profile image

      Kari Poulsen 9 years ago from Ohio

      I love your advice! Being the owner, many times, of new kittens I know what you say is true. I had a cat once who liked to play fetch. I would crumple a piece of paper, and toss it. He would "fetch" it and bring it back. He then dropped it at my feet. He would do this for as long as it interested him. LOL, I loved that cat! :D


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