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No Cruelty Remote Control Vibrating Dog Collar

Updated on November 13, 2012

The next time your dog's instincts win over its obedience training and it becomes aggressive upon seeing guests in your home, you would know how to easily calm the situation and let your guests be at ease.

This remote control vibrating dog collar is the latest none invasive gadget on the market which is a surefire way of calming down your dog.

It’s made to look sleek and trendy, it perfectly fits any dog from small to medium size and compliments your dog very well.

The best thing about it is that it is wireless and even if your dog runs away 100 yards chasing a car you can stop him/her at the press of a button.

The collar has two vibration settings, which you may use to indicate different training commands to your dog.

So, the first setting might make it a stop barking dog collar and the second setting might make it a stop running or stop jumping dog collar.

There are more creative ways of using this amazing device.

If you are running a dog training school then you may make each dog wear one of these remote control dog-training collars and then start the training process.

Not only will the dogs be trained effectively, they might also learn to respond obediently to commands just on the basis of the strength of the vibration.

These remote control training collars would be a very efficient means of training dogs, much more economical and less time consuming as well.

The whistle and light, which are incorporated into the collar, are also an effective aid in the training process.

Although there are many other bark collars with remote control on the market today we find that this one is a world apart from them in quality and effectiveness.

What's more, you may even use these collars for training the dog to stop jumping on people and even to make them stop chewing on furniture.

Just imagine how difficult it must be to get your dog off people who visit your home or to get your dog out of the garage for that trip to the vet? With this collar it is as simple as pressing a button.

It is also water resistant so it doesn't matter where your canine friend is rolling and running - this device is going to be all right as it has built to be sturdy.

It has a range of about 150 yards, which can easily cover the diameter of your house.

Best Deal From Amazon

Remote Control Vibration No Bark, No Jumping, Stop Aggression Dog Collar
Remote Control Vibration No Bark, No Jumping, Stop Aggression Dog Collar

Use this remote control dog training collar to teach your dog to stop barking unnecessarily, stop being aggressive, stop jumping on people and even to stop chewing on furniture and more...


Is it harmful or painful for the dog?

Now the important question arises - is it harmful or painful for the dog? Not at all.

Just hold a phone on the back of your neck and keep it in the vibrate mode and ask someone to call you.

Would you feel any pain? Just a slight discomfort which will make you stop doing what you are doing and focus on the source of the discomfort.

This is exactly what the dogs feel and it is completely safe for them.

It fits like a normal dog collar and it also has the additional benefits of being a remote control training collar. It is definitely a great deal!


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    • mreynolds4 profile image

      mreynolds4 5 years ago

      Thanks for catching that. It's not what was meant.

    • cydo profile image

      cydo 5 years ago from Layton, UT

      Among other issues, your statement : "There are no other bark collars with remote control on the market apart from these" is simply inaccurate. I suppose your readers could easily find similar devices simply by doing a simple online search.