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Nutrition Needs of Pets - How to Raise a Healthy Pet

Updated on February 9, 2015

Nutrition Needs of Pets

It is best to give your pet food that is closest to their natural diet .There are certain things to remember while choosing healthy pet food-

Be careful to choose pet food that has the main ingredient as named animal like dog food containing main ingredient as chicken meat rather than those mentioning poultry meant which may contain all kinds of dead dying diseased birds. Therefore dog food containing named animal meat is higher grade than unnamed meat.

Food allergies are very common and the main cause for it in dogs is beef, Diary products. Vegetables should be washed properly to remove pesticides and if possible be crushed and given as it is easier for them to digest.

The best method to know if your dog is maintaining correct weight is to slide your fingers into its hair and if you can feel the ribs then your dog is probably of correct weight.

How to choose best pet food

It is better to choose food that does not contain artificial sweeteners, preservatives and colors like BHA, BHT.

Some canned food might contain digests of animals to increase flavoring. This is very unhealthy and should be totally avoided.

Many of the pet owners give table scraps which can actually be healthy if it is home cooked like half sardine, bread, vegetables etc. one should however remember that they are not high in calorie as it can cause obesity related problems. Also while introducing new foods it should be introduced gradually.

Do not lay down pet feed for more than 20 minutes as it can get bad.

Nature pet enzymes and probiotics can be given as they help to breakdown proteins and carbohydrates and help populate pet stomach with useful flora. With proper flora, the pet makes enough vitamins it needs.

A check for approved signs from AAFC Association of American Feed Control officials is a must.

High grade pet feeds contain natural preservatives and mixed tocopherols and Ascorbic acids, rosemary extracts.

Pet treats are often given by owners and should not be given always except for training sessions. Natural treats like fruits, vegetables or even ice cubes can be good treats.

Onions and garlic should be avoided as these can cause hemolytic anemia.

Nutrition Needs of Pets
Nutrition Needs of Pets

How to Care Pet Health

Allergies –Fleas are single most cause of pet skin allergies and can be received from carpets, blankets etc. Sprays for fleas should be sprayed.

Heart Worms-They cause major health problems and are passed through mosquitoes. vaccines should be given.

Diarrhea-they are caused by some components in the food like artificial preservatives etc .

Nails- Nails should be trimmed and cut if a clicking voice is heard while your pet walks.

Dental-pet toothpastes are available which do not contain fluoride and sodium laurel sulphate.Finger brushes are also available which makes it easier.


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    • LensMan999 profile image

      LensMan999 4 years ago from Trans-Neptunian region

      Hi tessa,

      Thanks a lot for the wondeful recipe. I will surely try it for my pets.

    • profile image

      tessa b. 5 years ago

      Absolute BEST homemade dog food recipe:

      I spent 7 years studying canine nutrition and find this to hit all the marks. Highly recommend this over any commercial or homemade dog food I've found.