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October: Black Cat Awareness Month

Updated on October 4, 2017

These special cats get both an Appreciation Day and Awareness Month

That satin black fur...those huge glowing yellow eyes..

Loved or revered, black cats are defiantly special. While no one breed lays claim to the characteristics that make up our shadowy friends, any litter can produce this special creature. Appearing to be solid black, or a mix of black and any accent color; a closer look at the coat shows that most are actually shades of brown, red, and other colors appearing to be black from a distance.

October is Black Cat Awareness month, just weeks after these felines have Black Cat Appreciation Day, which falls on August 17.

Beautiful to look at, it is a wonder that most black cats have a hard time finding homes and are often overlooked at shelters due to cultural misconceptions about bad luck or an association with the occult.

Underfoot loves the camera
Underfoot loves the camera | Source

Beautiful to look at but often hard to find homes

Black animals are generally overlooked at shelters, especially cats due to cultural misconceptions about them bringing bad luck or an association with the occult.

Awareness and cat safety

While October brings awareness, most shelters halt the adoption of black animals near Halloween- possibly during the month.

Halloween images depict black cats as an ornamental decor and people have been known from past news stories that circulate to have adopted a cat just to go with a costume or a living prop at a party and later set the cat free or returned them to the shelter.

Halloween is a dangerous time for pets in general:

Costumes and commotion of the doorbell ringing could spook a pet and result in them going missing or being hit by cars.

Pets, especially cats, also sometimes fall victim to being taken for animal sacrifices or torture.

Always keep your pet indoors with their collars and identification.

Halloween: A dangerous time for pets

Always keep your pet secured and with wearing their collar and identification tags in case they escape the home or are taken.


Cats and history

Humans infatuation with our feline friends isn't a new friendship in the least.

From the Egyptians, we have learned that ancient people worshiped their cats and depicted them in their drawings and hieroglyphics; even going as far as to humidify their cats and leave them provisions for the afterlife.

On the other hand cultures such as the Celtics believed cats to be in league with the supernatural. Old superstition that witches and fairies could take shape of cats or that they were familiars of the devil circulated until the age the plagues that ravaged Europe and came over with the Pilgrims as the settled the Colonies.

Asian cultures on the other hand find cats lucky, whereas the notion of black cats being unlucky persists to this day.

"Worship me, humans."
"Worship me, humans." | Source

My Bombay mix Underfoot watching tv with me

Breeds and black cats

Any litter of kittens can contain and color combination of offspring based on the parents genetics. So, is there any breeds of black cats?

Bombay cats seem to be the one exclusion that are always black. These cats come from a mix of Burmese and other short haired breeds.

Persians, Domestic Short Hairs, Domestic Long Hair, Ragamuffins, Cornish Rex, Maine Coons, Oriental Shorthair, American Curl, Manx, British Shorthair, and even Sphynx cats, can all have black coloration.


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    • peachpurple profile image


      2 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      just nice, october is Halloween, black cat awareness fits it best


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