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Oh My, She Did It Again!

Updated on January 6, 2015

She's Sweet Afterall

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She knows am taking her a picture.Am talking to Angel in this photo!
She knows am taking her a picture.
She knows am taking her a picture.
Am talking to Angel in this photo!
Am talking to Angel in this photo!

Angel Our Dog

Angel our dog, was delivered to our home by a friend in the middle of the night while we are deeply sleeping. I really can't forget, was still drowsy then when I met our friend at the front door holding in her arms a 2 (two) months old puppy. That very first day, and always be, is such a happy and at the same time crazy experience with her. She won't sleep alone until she aged 4 months. She would sit on our lap each time she gets the chance. She bit every stuff around her: shoes,slippers,sandals,clothes,scarf, etc.. Name those, and she will. I wish she can bite a metal into pieces, so she would think life is hard. But one day, my teen-age son shouted- "Mom, my eyeglasses!". He found out his eyeglasses which was two days old was on the floor turned into pieces, in no time at all (seconds or shortly, in minutes time). It's not a happy experience for my son losing his eyewear. So, I have to replace it for another one. It's not very long then, my 13 year-old daughter came to me, so relaxed and said, "oh my, she did it again!". While playing with Angel, she didn't notice her eye wear dropped on the floor, when she's looking for it, it's no longer in one piece. Two eyeglasses down! Angel is 1-year and 4 months old--she's now officially a mom of 4 (four) puppies, all were given away to friends. It seems a traumatic experience for me to hear kids say, "oh my, she did it again!" And I can't afford more pet dogs in the home, Angel is more than enough for us!

In this matter, there is a demand for me to research more regarding this continuing odd behavior of our dog. So I did. And according to dog's expert, one reason for this unusual gnawing behavior started from separation anxiety and fear-related behavior . This prompted me to ask my friend how was our dog treated when she was still a puppy. And indeed, I came to know that Angel really had a bad experience with her masters during the time she was still a very young puppy. At present, the more I understand our dog. Kids love her more, too!


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    • profile image

      Jennifer 3 years ago

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    • wanderlust65 profile image

      Elna J. Navarro 3 years ago from Philippines

      Haha, yes! There's always a lot of good dogs around. And they need some care like a family.

    • profile image

      Rina N. C. 3 years ago

      oh my our dog Jock was not treated badly when he was a pup but look at him now so many pieces torn to million and my BP in that number also. good dogs.


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