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Olive Oil For Dogs For Healthy Skin

Updated on December 4, 2011

Is Olive Oil Good For Dogs Too?

We all know about the health benefits of olive oil for humans but olive oil for dogs? Yes, apparently that dark green liquid that we all love to drizzle on our salad has health benefits for our canine friends too.

The primary benefit for dogs is in keeping their skin in tip top condition. Perhaps this shouldn’t come as a surprise as the ancient Greeks and Romans used it for that purpose too.

If your dog has dry skin, before using olive oil, it is wise to seek advice from your vet just to ensure that there are no more serious underlying causes.

Dry skin in dogs can be caused by a poor diet which is deficient in fats but also dry weather, parasites and infections and many other causes which is why it is best to investigate first before trying olive oil for your dogs.

Providing that all is well, apart from the dry skin of course, then it is well worth trying olive oil for your dog and the bonus is that it is both cheap and natural.

To administer olive oil for dogs you can do this both internally and externally. Try adding a little olive oil probably around half a teaspoon twice a day added to either your dogs’ regular food or treats. You should only need to do this until you see an improvement in the skin. Even so, it is worth continuing to add a few drops each day but a lesser amount than the initial amount. There are no serious risks to giving a little too much olive oil other than the likelihood of diarrhoea so it is suggested to stick to the recommended amount. Also remember that if your dog is a small breed, you may need to reduce the amount of oil that you give. Please note that if your dog has an oily coat, it is not recommended to give olive oil to your dog.

Using Olive Oil For Dogs Can Be A Messy Business

You can also add five to ten teaspoons of olive oil to water and massage this into your dog’s skin once a day. Although this method of using olive oil on a dog's skin is very natural, it is also very messy and may lead to quite a few oily stains. The good news however is that there are a number of dog shampoos and skin treatments on the market which contain olive oil so this may be an easier option.

Another use of this versatile oil for dogs is to give the same amount if your dog is suffering from constipation although once again, please do check with your vet to ensure it is nothing more than that.

One word of warning if you are thinking of substituting olive oil with another oil, do NOT use avocado oil as this is dangerous for dogs. In fact, given the cheapness and availability of olive oil, there is little reason to use another... and of course you don’t have to use olive oil for dogs only, you can use any left for yourself – it’s very tasty and good for you...


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    • charliegrumples profile image

      charliegrumples 6 years ago from UK

      Don't forget though to check with a vet in case it is anything more serious as an underlying problem.

    • AEvans profile image

      Julianna 6 years ago from SomeWhere Out There

      I did not know this until now. We have 3 Cocker Spaniels who have dry skin and this I will definitely try before there bath today. Thanks for the great advice! :)