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On Keeping Pygmy Goats

Updated on September 16, 2012

We live on about six and a quarter acres, out in the country. We had a couple of horses, a bunch of chickens, a couple of turkeys, some rabbits and some goats. I ended up selling the horses when hay went sky high. Stray dogs took care of the chickens, as did a large owl. To hot summers took care of the rabbits. And a supposed friend stole our goats. So now its just cats and dogs.

Having the goats was fun, but in a way I am glad they are gone. Goats can be very destructive. They love to climb and jump on anyone or thing and nibble on everything. We got our goats by scanning the classifieds, and choosing those under forty dollars or being given away free. Two we got were offered for free, and I am so glad we got them. They would have died if left in their environment. They were two young female pygmies, and they were being raised in a herd of large goats. Every time feeding time came around they would get pushed away from the feed. I saw this when I went to get them and the owner put corn out for the goats so he could catch these two. The poor things were knocked around and trampled and could not get more than a mouthful before being pushed away. You could see they were weak. We kept them in a large kennel in our spare bedroom for a month or so. They were simply not strong enough to survive outside. They had to be wormed and we bought them some vitamin/mineral powder. I learned that goats need theirs loose...not in a block like horses and cattle. I took them out every day for sunchine and let them eat fresh grass and tree leaves. Goats are browsers, they like grass, but they like shrubs and leaves much more. When they were old enough, they joined the small herd outside.

We had two male goats. A buck with huge sweeping horns, and a smaller buck who thought he owned everyone and every thing. Besides the two new girls we also had four other females. We learned that goats are excellent climbers, and even better escape artists. After finding that they never wandered far, we quit trying to keep them in their pen. One day I was watching them feeding on a hill, they were visible from the road, and as a car went by, a child stuck his head out and called to the goats..."Baaa", "Baaa" made me laugh. The goats obliged him by "Baaa'ing" back to him.

Goats are a great way of keeping poison ivy under control. I also learned that fresh goats milk tastes way better than the stuff you find in the stores. We fed our goats a feed mix made for goats and fresh alfalfa hay, but they were greedy little buggers and always tried to eat the chickens feed to.

There is really few things that equal a baby pygmy goat for cuteness. Not only are they adorable to look at, their personality is as well. They are playful and trusting and make terrific pets.One of our goats was a fainting goat. they are so funny. If something startles them they just freeze up and topple over..enjoy the video. It isn't mine, I took it from youtube so you can see how cute they are.


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  • tlmcgaa70 profile image

    tlmcgaa70 6 years ago from south dakota, usa

    Anne1AZ2. i have heard that goats milk could be used to raise other animals where it can be harmful or even deadly to do so with cows milk. they are great animals. thank you for stopping by. have a great day.

    drbj...i always look forward to your comments. i checked out yours and loved it. you have a true gift. thank you and have a most wonderful day.

  • drbj profile image

    drbj and sherry 6 years ago from south Florida

    It was fun to read about your experience with playful goats, Tammy. And the video shows the cute goats playing 'King of the Mountain' on that boulder. I think that this hub is the only other one besides one of mine that features goats. Take a look - "Why Everyone Should Own a Goat or Cow or Pig."

  • Ann1Az2 profile image

    Ann1Az2 6 years ago from Orange, Texas

    I raised goats for a time about 20 some odd years ago. I found out they keep tallow trees very well trimmed - they love the leaves and will eat them up as far as they can reach on their hind legs. I had 8 head at one time. I drank the milk and also sold it. People who can't tolerate cow's milk can often handle goat milk. I also found out you can raise anything on it. One of my customers used it to raise a colt who's mother had died. I used it to nurse puppies who were ill. And you're right - fresh goat milk doesn't compare to the stuff in the store!