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On being a Cat Smiles and Taily Swishes

Updated on September 3, 2015

Moving into a house

Growing with the household members puts whiskers on the kitty's face
Growing with the household members puts whiskers on the kitty's face | Source

Most Popular Household Pets

Cats have been revered since the days of the pharaohs. Their smiles and taily swishes are however mostly hidden. On being a cat you are accorded the top place of honour in a household. Cats are classified according to the size of the hair and the colour of their coat. Most popular ones are the hairless Sphinx and Donskoy, Javanese (colourpoint), Snowshoe and Persian (long hair).

The Cat has the full right to chase a rat. Other than this obvious advantage, the Cat can sleep for hours at an end either on the ceiling soaking in the sun, or inside, in some dark corner of the room.

Cats adjust fast

Cats have fur. This is why, they are able to adapt to different variations of temperature with such equanimity. They also have a tail that keeps swishing when it does not like something or is demanding its bowl of milk.

'Bringing home the bacon' is something the Cat does sometimes. It may be a rat, a bird that was flying too low or a small animal. Not everyone appreciates this act. They prefer to move on to the next scene, where the 'bacon' is restored to its proper surroundings, that are outside the house.

Let me think it over

Cats sleep a lot and perhaps dream too
Cats sleep a lot and perhaps dream too | Source

Grooming makes them superior

Most people are enamored by the way Cats and water never mix. So, why are the Cats so clean? Their tongues have adapted over the ages to act as 'swabs'. These wipe the Cat and the kitten clean. In fact, the Cat spends a lot of time in grooming.

One of the best scenes that one could come across in the Cat world happens when the kitten has had its feed starts to play around with the mother. The favorite object of the kitten's attention is its mother's tail. The kitten keeps on jumping on the tail while the mother keeps swishing the tail about.

Cats have regular partners, though this is because they are territory bound animals. They rarely wander out of their territory and they mate with partners present inside the territory. Cats are nocturnal creatures and sleep right through the day. They venture out at night start their hunt.

Mystery of the Sphinx

Timeless Sphinx

The Cat has remarkable eyesight. This is because their pupils dilate in dim light and become large allowing more light to fall on the retina. The other remarkable feature of the Cat is the retractable claw. It is able to push its claws out when it wants to grip something or it is tearing the flesh of its prey. Other times, the claws are retracted and the padded feet are soft to touch.

The Cats clean even the underside of their feet and have exquisite toilet manners. They answer natures call out in the open inside a hole or depression and then cover up the fecal matter with mud. They make sure that no one is able to even sniff their 'dirt' before moving on to the next stage of wiping themselves clean.

Remarkable as it may seem it is natural for the Cat to be chosen over other household pets. The ancient Egyptians worshipped a variety of animals including Cats. Cats went on to represent motherhood and fertility in their kingdom.

Today we see the magnificent creature being represented in the form of the Sphinx in Egypt. It has the face of a human and the body of a Cat. It was built alongside the pyramids and though it has suffered the ravages of time, one can see, even today the splendid craftsmanship that went into its making.

Dismissing the cat

Cats are adored not only because they have superb reflexes but they have a natural ability to blend in with the background. They do not make any noise when they are stalking their prey. Their bigger cousins the lion and tiger also demonstrate astute sense of timing when they go for the kill.

They do not kill for fun, but they are relentless when they set their sights on something. It is perhaps one of the best sights of nature. In those moments when there is nothing to do, they show what they are really good at -- sleeping.

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  • Lucky Cats profile image

    Kathy 5 years ago from The beautiful Napa Valley, California

    Hi there snerfu. Cats are fascinating creatures and you've helped spread the word with this informative hub. You are right; cats are very fastideous and clean. Cats' tongues are quite interesting in that, as you've pointed out, they have tiny "hook" like structures that act as miniature combs, untangling and cleaning their fur. Cats are quite intelligent, as well. Thank you for sharing this hub with us. Up Interesting and Useful about my favorite animal!