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One Rainey Day, Life or Death for a Chiweenie

Updated on March 11, 2012

Chi Chi, My Chiweenie

This is Chi Chi .
This is Chi Chi .

Attack in the Rain

I got up this morning to take my pets on their leash for a walk in my front yard. I was being a responsible pet owner, and my dogs were reluctant to go out in the rain to do their usual thing. My Chiweenie was in one hand on a leash and my Daschund in the other hand on another leash, and I was at the top of my porch when out of no where comes an attacking vicious dog. He pounces on my Chiweenie. I was in absolute shock and horror. I tried to pull my Chiweenie back with the leash while at the same time trying not to let the Daschund get into the fight. The Doxie was all ready to come to his rescue as is usual for dogs that run together in their own little pack. All three of the dogs were male. He was snapped back on and afraid to stand there, and I called him back , and he minded my command.

As best I can figure out is that the male Malamute mix Pit dog was coming from around the corner behind my trash cans, and he must have been going around the corner to the Pit Bull dog in heat in the fenced in area. That factor put that dog in a higher level of testerone at that moment of dominance. I knew my other neighbors had told me that their dog had been in heat and all. So I am sure it stirred up the male Malamute Pit Mix dog. Anyway as I started to attempt to stop them, and then the owner of the aggressive dog sees the dilemma after he realized his dog was out loose. He tried to command his dog to stop, but he did not listen. My little dog tried to save himself and went toward my car but the dog kept attacking him. He bit him over and over again. The man could do nothing. Finally I knew I had to do something more than holding his leash and trying to keep the other dog from attacking. I went over to the dog and he had my dog's head in his mouth, and I knew at that moment my dog was being killed by this dog.He was about to bite my dogs head off. I reached behind my dogs collar and attempted to pull him away and the dog reached around with his mouth behind my dogs collar and bit me for attempting to get him away. I got even madder at that point and was gushing blood from my hand everywhere, and in that moment I did not care. The man still was trying to pull his dog away. I was disgusted, upset, bleeding and knew I had to stop that dog. I took one end of the reel in dog leash and I threw it at the dogs head. He stopped long enough in shock to dodge it, and I snatched my little dog toward the inside of the steps, and I took my body and shielded both dogs. The dog still tried to lunge at my Chiweenie, and he bit him in the hind end and rear. I knew my dog was going to die. it was relentless in attack. He had attacked him until I just knew he was in shock, and I was going to lose him. i felt like his bones were broken up and organs damaged. I was still bleeding all over the ground, and yet it mattered not to me. I did not put my llfe before my dog. That was my baby and his life was in my hands, and I was responsible to protect him. My Daschund was shielded yet his leash was wrapped around my ankle and with both of them in my hands... I could not do anything. I screamed for my family to come, but no one heard me at that point. My husband had not even realized I was in trouble. The neighbor yelled for some help from his family to get his Malamute Pit Mix under control. I tried to snatch my dog up, but he was hurt so bad he wanted to snap back at me, although he did not hurt me. He was in pain and shock, and I tried twice to pick him up and he still was snapping back at me. He did not want to be touched in pain. I kept yelling and finally he looked up, and realized it was his mommy owner whom he loved, and he wanted me to scoop him up in my arms.

I picked up my dog, while I was bleeding all over, and my husband came to the door and looked at me. He had not realized I had been attacked nor my dog. I told him I was bleeding and the dog was injured and for him to get the other dog, while I carried my dog into the house. All through this event I had no thought of my dilemma but that of my dog. I placed my dog in his carrier and full well knowing someone had to get him to the vet office in a hurry, and that he most likely would die. My husband drove me to the hospital and my son took my dog to the vet.

I was being treated at the hospital and grown children kept calling about my dog and about me. I kept having to answer my phone while I was getting x rayed and treated. By the time the nurse gave me three shots in the arm I was about to pass out. All I could think of was get me some water I am going into shock. A nurse brought back a glass of water and slowly I recovered from the black out spell I was about to go into. Then it kept hitting me in my face that I was going to lose my tiny Chiweenie. Tears were running down my cheeks as I thought about it in that moment at the ER room.

My son called me and said the Vet told him my dog was bitten up but he was going to make it, and I would have to make sure he got his antibiotics and cared for, because he was in a lot of pain. You do not know how I felt at that moment, when my little spoiled as I call him Chiweenie survived that attack. I think God above gave me the courage that day to save my dog. I had to put him first that day, and I realized that dog could have gotten me by the throat and I would have died that day. You know you start reflecting back on the what ifs and reflecting on a lot of stuff.

Then the next step was to do something about the dog who bit my dog and me. I called and reported it three times, and someone said we are coming right on out. They never came and it as the next day. I am thinking how many times i called and no one ever comes when needed for emergencies are dogs loose around little children that could attack them. I was really frustrated. I finally had enough. This time I called the Mayor office and made a complaint. The dog could have been rabid, but no one seemed to care. My life was on the line and that of my dog to make sure someone followed the rules and procedures of a dog bite. It did not take ten minutes and out came the dog welfare truck. They were coming to quarantine the dog. I guess you can say they got a little mad, when the dog that bit me came out of the fencing in front of them without a leash or control of an owner. This whole event could have started all over again. The reason it got out was putting cars inside a fenced area, and not controlling their dog. I really do feel for my neighbors who own the dog, because they are good people but the dog is not in control. I explained to the owner that now that dog has tasted the blood of a human and not just a dog. If it got out , then it could kill some small child or anyone else. They were going to have to do something about their dog to make sure that never happens again. The dog has only broken out about 5 or 7 times since I have lived near them. Each time the dog is running way off loose and uncontrollable. I was told by the animal welfare that this would not happen ever again. I am not sure what they would do in this case, but their track record has not been too good, when I had to go to the Mayor to get results. I really do not believe my neighbors dog is rabid but it is the principal of the thing, and protocol should be followed. In ten days they are to come and inspect the dog, and if it is not dead , then I will be ok and not have to worry about dying from rabies. It said all cases of human rabies are fatal.

I do live in a big city and yes skunks and wild raccoons have been in the city, and yes any time that is a possibility. I was told that giving them the second rabie shot ensures the pet not to contract rabies from a rabied animal. I thought the first rabie shot did that for a period of time, but not according to the doctors and vets. I guess I am always learning something new.

I have written in the past about my Chiweenie and his article has topped all my other articles in popularity. I am really sorry I have to show you the bad side of what my Chiweenie has gone through but everyone has a right to protect their animal and not allow strays or neighbors dogs to make victims out of little innocent animals. I will not go out my door without something to stop any animal that comes at me or my dogs. I hate it is that way, but a person has a right to not be attacked by anything or anyone in their own yard. My pets are under my control and not breaking loose around the neighborhood.


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