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Pets Whitey and Bethooven died by Strangulation

Updated on March 10, 2015
Look-a-Like of Whitey
Look-a-Like of Whitey
Look-a-Like of Bethooven
Look-a-Like of Bethooven

The tragic death of our pet dogs Whitey and Bethooven

WHITEY is gone. He has slept the sleep that knows no waking. Whitey is nothing but a small, white male Japanese dog. His untimely demise created a deep void of emptiness in us family members as well as those who were closely acquainted with him. We will never forget the things he did during his lifespan of 13 years.

Purchased by my son- Rene- in Tacloban City in August of 1995 for two thousand bucks, Whitey was entrusted to my care in Paranas residence when Rene set sail for the United Kingdom. At times when feeling homesick, Rene would make an overseas call using a mobile phone, he would request- among other things- that Whitey be made to bark. If ever Whitey dies, he should be accorded a decent burial, Rene said through the phone.

The following year in late 1996 Adam- my youngest son- acquired St. Bernard, a big foreign male dog worth thirty five thousand pesos. His former owner called him "Bethooven" and so the name stuck. I observed that Bethooven was not given the best of care. I did offer pointers but my suggestions fell on deaf ears. Bethooven stay was shortlived. During the night the inevitable happened.. He strangled himself to death by means of the nylon rope tied round his neck. The poor dog passing left ill effects in me. Bethooven bizarre death jolted me to resolve to do extra care, protection and love for Whitey. Thus in the concluding portion of the following verse "WHITEY" which I wrote on November 11, 2006, I emphatically stated that what happened to Bethooven will not happen to Whitey. But I was wronged. I made a fatal mistake. I am to blame for Whitey tragic demise. He strangulated himself with the tether chain tightly wound around his neck.

The fate of Bethooven and Whitey obviously conveys a clear and strong message that man should exert extra effort towards the care, protection and love of dogs as well as other animals.


(Composed by the author Nov. 11, 2006)

In a cozy corner by the pig sty

Lay and play our pet dog Whitey

All white and tiny, he's a joy to the family

Brought from Tacloban when yet a pup

He could be mistaken for a toy stuff

For food he's not choosy; he hasn't tasted

any from the grocery

All that he prefers are dry and tasty

kitchen foods

With great delight he'll bark to ask

for snack cakes he saw you gulped

Give him some; he'll devour them with gusto

During his heydays he could break and

untangled himself free from his tether

It was absolute freedom for him to gallop

and romp round the block

Innocently and instinctively chasing ducks,

chickens, chicks and birds

On separate occasions, he bit a duck and

a number of chicks to death, I do remember

But after all is done he would approach

me politely and be cuddled gently like a child

How old is Whitey? If you would ask me,

I would say: If he were human, he would be

finishing the grades by March 2007

From his looks neighbors would mistook

him "matucob"

On the contrary, he's meek as a lamb

He has never bitten one; I have never heard

him growled

Yes, he does bark only when hungry and


Whitey is a mute witness to the rise and

fall of his masters

He himself has suffered quite a number of indignities

But Whitey has to bade adieu to such cruelties

He'll surely not suffer the fate of "Bethooven"

Thanks to Lolo on whose shoulders Whitey has to lean on.

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    • nick071438 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from City of Catbalogan, W, Samar, Philippines

      alexis, thank you for the inspiring compliment and for your visit.

    • profile image

      alexis matthews 

      6 years ago

      i love all the dogs on your post they are really cute.


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