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Our Grandpuppies!!!

Updated on August 7, 2017
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I am a wife, mother, Nana and Christian first. I graduated from UNCC with a BSN in Nursing and a minor in Psychology.

Bella and June

Snow storm in Greenville
Snow storm in Greenville | Source
June at the Beach
June at the Beach | Source



Layla and Bella

I grew up with a dog, Trixie . She followed us everywhere we went. We never walked her ,put her on a leash, or cleaned up her poop. She ran around our neighborhood in Decatur .She passed away long after I had left for college.

When I had my first child it became quickly apparent she was highly allergic to dogs. So much so we had to tell her Grandparents to keep their dog outside or we could not visit on the holidays per pediatrician's orders and still she suffered from terrible asthma attacks.

This went on for some 20 years until she and I were at a local flea market and she saw a miniature schnauzer and decided it had to be hers, She got quite a deal for such a high breed dog. I gave her the usual motherly lecture that if she developed allergies, Bella would have to go even though she owned her own home at the time!!!! Mother's have to get those LAST words in!!!

The first few weeks she did sneeze and wheeze a bit but with lots of baths for Bella and antihistamine for Jenny she became used to Bella's dander and a love formed between the two of them. Whenever Jenny went to work I puppy sat and a bond grew between Bella and I!!!

Then a few months later my son and daughter-in-law called us with the news that they had rescued a dog at the local shelter . She wasn't just a puppy she was a PUPPY. A large white half collie half labrador. She donned the most irresistible eyes.It almost looked like she was wearing eyeliner and lipstick!! As luck would have it her beautiful white hair shed all over our house and Jenny's allergies began again.

Knowing we would one day have grandchildren we made sure all our kids watched the movie Marley and Me with the dog tearing up the house and leaving the mother with no peace. I was hoping to save my daughters the exhausting task of caring for an infant and a dog.

Then one day my son-in-law let me in on the secret that he had bought a cockapoo puppy for our youngest daughter for Christmas and our newest addition, June, entered our family. I was determined I would not bond with her but the nex next morning in walks an adorable fuzz ball of brown puppy and it was love at first site. She was the happiest dog I had ever seen and all she wanted was love. I was once again smitten .What can I say. I began wishing for grandchildren but right now I am too busy being the grandmother to three cute grandpuppies.

By Alice Wessendorf

© 2011 Nancy McClintock


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