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Our parrot Scared the Burglar

Updated on January 24, 2014

Our parrot who scared of a burglar

It wasn't long since my daughter who had got married... that we used that large pot to dance with... it was a tradition where each lady would take it in turn to put the red pot on your head and dance in turns. l love it, and place the red pot in the living room cupboard.
Most often my husband would put some spare coins in it but it was just as well that there was none in the pot this time. Anyways we have an African Grey who is part of the family. sometimes l would place his large cage in the back conservatory and some time it is placed near the front door. Once the post man came to deliver some mail and the parrot barked like a dog that the post man ran to the far end asking me to lock up the dog!

l don't often go out., but last Saturday l had a function to attend to so l checked all the windows and door before leaving. We came back quite late., as we walked into the living room the red pot was on the floor and my husband was watching the television. l question him about the pot and he said that he did not touch it. l looked in the cupboard and found that my mothers photo was moved from the top shelf to the bottom shelf. (my mother had died several years back) l again asked who moved the photo and he confirmed that he did not touch it. Let me go and ask my other son if he had moved the pot and if he was looking for something out of the cupboard. He told me that he just went straight upstairs after work. Than the husband told me that the curtains were drawn when he came home and that they were in front of the television. None of us ever did that we all always draw the curtain behind the television. Than l saw that some of my watches were in front of the television. We decided to check everything else in the house. Nothing was touched in the other rooms. We checked the back and discovered that the kitchen window was carefully removed. It was only than we realized that we were burgled

We called the police and they asked us if we had moved the parrot near the front door. Which we had. It was obvious that the burglar was disturbed by the parrots who must have started talking... that the burglar thought that someone was in the house that he did not even stop to pick up the watches that he left near the television he just legged out as fast as he came!!


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