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Our pets make us laugh

Updated on July 19, 2013

We love our pets

Whether it's one or several, our pets give us laughter and joy.

Have you thought of why that is? Because they live in the moment, life is simple. They don't stress to acquire the fanciest toy or gadget. Their needs are little, it's your love that makes them tick. Everything else is secondary. They find contentment easily and because of their simple nature, they help us relax and give us many reasons to be amused by their antics.

When I was first married we had a cat names Mindy. A cute calico who loved to sleep, hanging along the side of a couch or soft chair. One day, while I was pouring milk into a glass the plastic ring that comes around a gallon of milk fell to the floor. Mindy was near by and I kicked it at her and she stopped it from going past her. That was the start of our milk ring soccer matches. My husband and I would stand a few feet from the fridge and Mindy would place herself in front of it. We'd kick a ring and her job was to keep the ring from going under the fridge. We'd play over and over and eventually the ring would make it through her paws and into the goal (under the fridge). We were so amused at her excitement to play the game and we looked forward to our play time with her. It was a great way to relax and enjoy our furry friend.


Who couldn't love that face!

Pets aren't just cats and dogs. They come in a wide variety of species. We attach to our pets just as they do to us.

Years ago when our kids were small we had a goldfish, (won at a school carnival and had him for almost two years). We put the fish bowl in the kitchen. The fish would follow me wherever I went in the kitchen. If I was to the left of him, he would hover on that side, if I went right he would stay on the right side of the bowl. It doesn't matter what the species, the feelings you send out to your pet is like a mirror reflecting the love right back.

Birds, bunnies, snakes and even rodents are sociable, funny as well as creatures of habit just as we are. My parents had a cat (Tyrone) for almost twenty human years! Every morning my mom would get up and let the cat in to be fed. Once fed he'd wait until both my parents were done with breakfast and then as they went back to the bedroom to get ready for the day, he would run ahead of them and flop down so they could rub his fur with their feet. That was his daily ritual...and theirs.

Pets give us something to care about. They depend on us and look forward to our coming home. They keep us company when we'd otherwise be alone filling a void that only they can.


Sometimes they feel uncomfortable

There are times, they find themselves in predicaments that they'd rather not be in. But hey, we all have those too, right?

There are times it's of their own doing, but other times we just can't help ourselves and have shave or color their fur. Sometimes we accessorize or dress them up a little. It is our baby after all.

Close to 65% of households in America own at least one pet and they don't come cheap. Most often there is a price to buy your pet, then there is the food, vet visits and even more if they need hospital treatment during their life. Yet, no matter the economic status, we find a way to have our pets. That is because of the added quality they give us. Really, it all comes down to the fact that our pets can make us laugh, love, commit and make our lives more complete!

One fine evening.........

Two friends were out one evening, walking their dogs. One had a Doberman Pinscher and the other had a Chihuahua. As they meandered down the street, the guy with the Doberman said, "Hey, let's go over to that restaurant and get a bite to eat."

The guy with the Chihuahua said, "We can't go in there. We've got our dogs with us."

The one with the Doberman said, "Just follow my lead." They walked over to the restaurant and the guy with the Doberman put his dark sun glasses on and started to walk in.

The receptionist at the door said, "Sorry, sir, no pets allowed."

The man with the Doberman said, "You don't understand. This is my seeing-eye dog."

The receptionist said, "A Doberman Pinscher?"

The man said, "Yes, they're using them now. They are excellent."

The receptionist then allowed him in.

His buddy with the Chihuahua put on his pair of dark glasses and started to walk in.

Once again the receptionist said, "Sorry, mister, no pets allowed."

The man with the Chihuahua said, "You don't understand. This is my seeing-eye dog."

The receptionist said, "A Chihuahua?"

The man exclaimed, "A Chihuahua? They gave me a Chihuahua?!"

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    • New Understanding profile image

      New Understanding 4 years ago from Northern California

      Thanks Writer Fox. Glad you enjoyed it!

    • Writer Fox profile image

      Writer Fox 4 years ago from the wadi near the little river

      Precious pet photos and I loved the Chihuahua joke! Voted up.