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Owning a pet dog or a pet cat and the strange and unthinkable effect of dogs and cats and other animals on human mood

Updated on May 1, 2011

Below these texts you will find 10 attached funny videos of unique animal behaviors. But before we proceed to the fun part, let me put some text here first so that I can make this hub even more entertaining. So please read on first, the treat comes right after these bunch of words.

There are lots of articles written about the emotional effect of animals on human mood where you will learn all the abounding benefits and advantages of owning a pet around the house. But some people find it hard to persuade themselves to own a pet. Everyone's aware that it needs total commitment to take care of a pet, especially when taking into consideration that it will incur extra expenses which could somehow hurt a tight monthly budget just to keep up with the pet's nourishment and health sustenance.

By Anita Jankowska (Own work) [CC0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
By Anita Jankowska (Own work) [CC0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Some useful pet care items, pet accessories, pet products and pet supplies

But why should we concern ourselves with expenses when we know the happiness of having a pet dog or cat is worth enjoying wonderful moments spent with an adorable creature that can help us relieve stress or reduce high blood pressure. The joy of companionship with an animal effectively soothes the feeling of sadness and helps uplift our mood. Having a pet dog or a pet cat or any animals is essentially important especially for a growing child, having a pet allows the child to develop a compassionate attitude and to channel their affection by doing good deeds to others, thus, developing their emotional intelligence. Pets can also provide lasting happiness to people suffering from depression, pets can help relieve your feelings of misery and prolongs your temper.

Animal assisted therapy is also known to have significant improvement on the mood of hospitalized patients. Studies showed that animal companionship with hospitalized patients somewhat possess some sort of psychological and emotional healing power which dramatically decreases the patient's level of anxiety thereby making it an effective way for treatment of physical, mental, or social disorders and diseases.

Pets provide their owners with unconditional love and commitment. Their devotion and loyalty is beyond that of any human conditions. Regardless of what or who you are, regardless of what you are going through, your pet will always be there to relieve you of your emotional discomfort. Pets enrich our lives bound by the bonding relationship formed by the affection between humans and animals. They don't care if you're timid and shy, they can sense and react to your emotion whether you're happy or sad, you can always pour out your feelings and talk to your pet and they will always be there to listen and comfort you without prejudice. With those caring look in their eyes staring back at you, you will most certainly be cheered up almost instantly.
By PosavskiGonic (Own) [CC-BY-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
By PosavskiGonic (Own) [CC-BY-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Human friendship is very hard to come by, there's just not many of them these days. Human friends may come and go, some may not even be there to support you when you're in the lowest times of your life. At times you may realize that you will not receive any real concern from your human friends, that they would tend to just get on with their lives once they find that you're not much of any use to them anymore, in fact why should they even care to bother themselves about your circumstance, especially when you're down and out, and most certainly when you're financially broke. Why should they want to be tainted with your dirt. Modern human society fears failure that they don't want to get involved with your embarrassing experiences especially when you're regarded as a loser. But with a pet dog or cat, you will always be amazed to find inspiration from the reassuring effect of the simplicity of these lovable creatures that instantly reminds you of their enduring friendship that dwells only on the simple joy of living life without the need for material possessions, and that is the simple contentment and happiness of having you around by their side for always.

Owning a pet is a very rewarding experience that will benefit you and your family. Take for example a dog, I think it would be best to own a dog, not only do they have the reputation for being known as "man's best friend" but they're also the most effective burglar alarm for your home. Some people were convinced to own a pooch only after their house had been burgled, and it's a little too late by then to realize that so much was at stake and so much was lost, not to mention life is most vitally at stake during theft and robbery. So it would be wise to own a pet dog for companionship and protection, any breed will be a good watchdog, any dog breeds will do just fine. So if you're thinking of getting one right now then it is best to buy puppy from your local pet stores, you can also enlist the help of a pet finder, or you can also buy pets online, a simple Google search will direct you to many pet shops online. And don't worry about pet dog names, since your growing closeness and attachment to your pet dog would most certainly give you an idea to eventually come up with something unique to name your pet dog.

A pet dog is also a very good companion for blind people. Studies also indicate that dogs have other emotional responses such as jealousy and guilt, dogs can even detect a progressing sign of illness in humans. Also, a study published in journal of The British Psychological Society found that dog owners are more likely to elicit social interactions from strangers just by walking their dogs. But regardless of any condition, animal love will always be capable of eliciting human sympathy and kindness.

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I've selected 10 cute animal videos for your amusement, I hope you will enjoy watching these videos as much as I did and realize how we humans have long forgotten the most simple things in life. Our evolution to walk upright is not the only characteristic that made as humans, yes above all other creatures we possess the unique ability to laugh, we know how to laugh at life and all the things surrounding us. Observe other creatures, we laugh and we find them so very cute with the simple things they can do, knowing their intelligence is far less than ours, yet we easily recognize the peculiarities of some humorous traits inherent in animal behaviors which we immediately perceive as intellectual manifestation of cleverness relating to human nature and conduct which we find laughable and amusing. Perhaps God looks at us the same way. God laughs at us, God finds our problems so small compared to His, imagine God's responsibility in maintaining the order and harmony of the entire universe, to think that we are no more than a speck of dot in the universe, and with so many things we have not yet explored or understood, yet it is somewhat amusing to think that the simple things that animals can do could easily delight us with bursting laughter. Yes laughter echoes across the universe, so go ahead, watch each of the 10 videos I've attached below and amuse yourself, I hope they can somehow uplift your mood.

1.) Doggie Dirty Dancing

2.) Cat Piano Recital

3.) This cat is obviously stunned

4.) This cat is obviously so very stunned

5.) The Sleep Walking (Running) Dog

6.) Butterfly my butterfly, I'll come home to you one day. Butterfly my butterfly, wait for me don't fly away

7.) Doggie Circus Show

8.) Monkey shocked after realizing how hidous he must have looked like in the mirror

9.) Monkey with an itchy head

10.) Playful monkey teasing a dog

Carefully selected pet care tips and ideas for your reading pleasure

I, the copyright holder of this work, hereby publish it under the following license:

Owning a pet dog or a pet cat and the strange and unthinkable effect of dogs and cats and other animals on human mood by ianjonas is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.


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    • ianjonas profile image

      ianjonas 7 years ago

      Thank you for following my hubs and for your inspiring comment Kathy (aka Lucky Cats). I love cats as much as I love dogs. I have special fondness for cats ever since I was a child, I have several cats (and dogs) in my lifetime.

      I love your hubs, I admire your courage and determination, your selfless act of protecting lost and mistreated animals is inspiring, yours is truly an advocacy of a just cause, not many people have what it takes to be a gifted soul like you. BTW – you may correct me if I'm wrong, I just can't help but notice that the sound of your name “Kathy” complements your nature, I love the way how it all falls into place... God truly is a brilliant creator of beautiful people.

      PS...I am now one of your avid followers.

    • Lucky Cats profile image

      Kathy 7 years ago from The beautiful Napa Valley, California

      You've written a very sensitive hub which lists so many of the great pluses of living with a companion animal. I must say that I agree with you 100%...well, maybe 95%! Everything you say is oh so true except...I have to add that it is equally as wonderful loving and living with a cat (or two, or three or....). Having had many kitties over the years, and dogs!, I love them all and find that, when given the time or expectations; cats live up to y our every desire and wish just as dog companions do..including fabulously wonderful, loving company and intelligence to learn and relate. I love this hub for all the great things you've suggested to those who don't yet know how cool it is to have an animal friend and companion. Thank you! Voted UP and USEFUL and BEAUTIFUL Kathy, aka Lucky Cats.

      PS...Love the videos!

    • ianjonas profile image

      ianjonas 7 years ago

      Thanks Rosita. Owning a pet dog is really a matter of choice, although some people just don't realize the benefits of owning one. It's nice to know you appreciate the companionship of your pet dog.

    • profile image

      Rosita Yam 7 years ago

      Rich or poor, we are capable of owning a pet, its a matter of choice. For me, my pet dog, I counted him as a member of my family, loving him taking care of him , feed him with proper food He is my burglar alarm, my security guard.

    • ianjonas profile image

      ianjonas 7 years ago

      Thanks isjung, I really appreciate your comment. In a similar manner, I hope this hub will keep drawing in more random strangers.

    • isjung profile image

      isjung 7 years ago from Montreal, Quebec

      I really liked this hub :) I have a dog and I always get random strangers coming up to talk to me and play with my dog when I walk him. They're always so much friendlier, compared to when I'm walking alone and nobody really bothers to even say hello!


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