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Pet Care and Emergency Aid

Updated on November 9, 2014

Introduction To Pet Care And Health

Pets are the responsibility of the owners because they can not go to the supermarket and buy food, that is why the owner must feed them and give them the best food and love and take care of them, On this page you will find tips and advise to take care of your pets.

Cute Kittens And Puppies

Kittens and puppies are cute and adorable when small but even when they grow up the bond still exists between pet owner and pet.

When a person looses her or his spouse, due to death or divorce, and feels lonely, a pets love will help to relieve the heartache.

Pinscher Mother And Pup

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Miniature pinscher mother and pup playing
Miniature pinscher mother and pup playing
Miniature pinscher mother and pup playing | Source

Favorite Pets

What is your favorite pet

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Fun Poll

A fun poll to see what your favorite pet is. Who would have imagined you have a skunk or a python for a pet.

Best Food For Your Pet

Pet Food
Lamb and rice diet
Beeno Biscuits
Supermarket Pet Food ( main ingredient meat )
Bone To Chew On
I have found some helpful hints at

Healthy Pet Food Video

Healthy Pet Food Video

A video by Dr Marty's, healthy pet food.

Types Of Pet Worms

Most puppies are born with roundworm infections acquired before birth. Warning signs include diarrhoea, vomiting, poor growth and a 'pot belly' appearance. The roundworm causes a serious infection in dogs and puppies. The roundworm eats the food of its host and may cause diarrhea and other symptoms. In puppies.
Roundworms worms are white and grow up to 7 inches/17.5cm long. They look like thin noodles. You will most likely see the worms in your dog's stools or vomit.
Whipworms are picked up from contaminated soil or by grooming. Whipworms live in the area where the small and large intestines meet. Here, they suck the blood of their hosts.
Heartworms are spread to dogs through mosquito bites.They grow up to 14 inches long, a heartworm lives in the heart and the arteries that carry blood from the heart to the lungs. Heartworms affect how the heart functions and how blood clots and is likely to cause death if untreated.
Living mainly in the small intestine, hookworms suck the blood of their hosts. Puppies can become infected from their mothers. Adult dogs can be infected through their skin or when cleaning themselves. Infection causes weakness and malnutrition and can lead to death in puppies.

Deworming Pets

If you are here it is because you love pets and want to learn more about caring for them.
Cats groom themselves but do need a bath to control fleas. Dogs need a bath and a shampoo regularly, at least once a week and if they have ticks and fleas they need to be dipped with a tick and flea dip. At the same time their bedding should also be washed.
Fleas must be controlled because they can carry worms which are passed onto dogs when they swallow the fleas.


Deworming medications come in pill or liquid form and some are effective against more than one species of worm, no single medication is effective against them all. A specific diagnosis is necessary to choose the safest and most effective drug. This requires an examination of the dog’s stool and determining whether the parasite is in the egg, larval, or adult stage and what type of worm.


When your dog is restless, runs around and barks more than usual, check its stools and if worms are seen, then it is time to deworm.
Again determine what type of worm infestation it has, and confirm with the veterinarian.

Puppies should be dewormed at 2 weeks of age (before ascarid eggs are passed in the stool) and again at 4, 6, and 8 weeks of age. Then, they must be put on a monthly heartworm preventive for life that also protects the dog against other parsites, or at least continue monthly deworming for six months. This schedule kills all ascarids, whether acquired in utero, through infected mother’s milk, or by ingesting the eggs.

Types Of Pet Worms

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Tapeworm | Source
Heartworm | Source

Puppy With Splints

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Pinscher puppy with broken legs and splints
Pinscher puppy with broken legs and splints
Pinscher puppy with broken legs and splints | Source

How To Splint A Broken Leg


What happens if your pet dog breaks a leg, do you splint it, take it to the vet, or put it to sleep ?. Most people will take the pet to the Vet, but what happens if it breaks a leg during a Sunday afternoon and you do not have access to a Vet. This is the time for D I Y.
It happened to me during a Sunday afternoon. As I drove into the yard, a pup and her mom were playing and as I slowly drove past them the pup jumped back and I drove over her back part and hind legs. I phoned The Vet but the Vet was unavailable and the pup had to lie in her basket until Monday morning.

The picture above is a photo of her afterwards, and if she wanted to walk she would lift her hind legs, balande and walk on her front legs, too cute.
Both her hind legs were broken at the hip. I watched the Vet put a splint on the pups leg, here's how.

For a small dog ice cream sticks can be used as splints, or for bigger dogs flat pieces of wood. This is for a emergency but manufactured splints are available for sale.
Step 1 Make sure the two joining parts of the broken bone are aligned and that the toes are pointing forward.
Step 2 Wrap cotton wool around the leg, then put the splints on the leg and while holding them in place wrap bandage around the leg to keep the splints in place.
Important do not wrap it to tight or the blood will be prevented to flow.
Step 3 Wrap band aid around the leg to keep the bandages in place and seal the leg from moisture.

Image Baobab Tree Wrapped Canvas

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Wrapped Canvas Baobab treePillow for your pet image DragensbergPillow for your cat image rose
Wrapped Canvas Baobab tree
Wrapped Canvas Baobab tree | Source
Pillow for your pet image Dragensberg
Pillow for your pet image Dragensberg | Source
Pillow for your cat image rose
Pillow for your cat image rose | Source


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