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The Parrot Toy Checklist

Updated on February 24, 2011


 Not sure what to buy for your new parrot? Not to worry. This article will give you the details on all the different types of toys your parrot can enjoy!


Ah, the king of all toys! Every parrot loves to chew, knaw, and break wood. It is also a very popular toy because it is fairly inexpensive (depending on the type of wood) and easy to find. You can have fun coloring your wood, or just throw it in the cage to give your toy a natural look. Many owners with larger parrots buy wood slices in huge bulks and replenish when necessary. Wood is also a huge hit because you can find it yourself or pay cheap prices. If you have any old wood poles, 2x4s, 2x3s, or 2x2s, after substantial disinfecting and wiping down, you can use these for perches or chew toys. Buy food coloring and soak your wood, creating a plethora of color for your parrot buddy.


Another great choice for your parrot is plastic. This group of toys includes chains, beads, rings, balls (wiffle balls are frequently used). A great, fairly indestructible hanging toy for your parrot is a giant plastic chain. She will enjoy gnawing at it, but will never break it. Wiffle balls or plastic rings are great foot toys your parrot can enjoy tossing around. My macaw rips wiffle balls into pieces, so be prepared to replenish those often.


Leather is a great add on toy; it is probably best used as a supplement to a bigger wood or plastic toy. The most common form of leather bird toys is the leather strip (see picture). It can be used to hold wood slats on it, or tied up in knots and added to the side of a toy, the choices are endless. Your bird will enjoy slicing the leather strips into smaller strips all day. Leather is usually somewhat expensive, so I usually buy it as a surprise to my birds or when its on sale (of course!).

Acrylic Toys

Acrylic toys are very durable plastics that are just about un-destroyable, as far as a parrot is concerned. Acrylic toys, chains, and balls make create, long lasting parrot toys. Acrylic bells are also a big hit because your parrot cannot rip the bell off. They also make great toys because the nature of the plastic offers a wide variety of colors and shades. Buy your toy with a high gloss to it to shine up your parrot's toy inventory!


How parrots enjoy rope is still a mystery to me. Rope is also great to tie up and make a net, allowing your parrot to climb around and explore! I would suggest sisal rope, it works the best for me. Check out the picture.

Swings and Boings

Swings and boings supply your bird with plenty of exercise. A boing is a springy-type ladder that coils. Check out the picture. It is important to have at least one of these inside the cage or on your outside perch.

If you plan to hang this from a ceiling, by all means do so. Just make sure that your parrot can't climb all the way to the ceiling and start picking at it!



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