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Pedipaws: The Dog Nail Trimmer

Updated on October 12, 2009

Pedipaws Review

Trimming your pet’s nails can prove to be a difficult task, if not altogether impossible. When the quick of the nail is accidentally cut, the experience might leave your companion standoffish from having its paws touched at all.  Also, you might begin avoiding proper nail care, causing the quick to grow too long and making the nails harder to trim in the future.

Pedipaws Dog Nail Trimmer is a device to aid in nail maintenance.  It is a rotating filing head that gently removes thin layers of nail, leaving smooth, rounded, trim nails as well as your home furnishings and floors safe from scratches and tears.  The nifty protective cap helps to safely remove the correct amount of nail and contains all the filings, so there’s no mess to clean up.   

Pedipaws is cordless and has a quiet motor, which is important when working with animals.  Cleaning is easy because of the protective covering.  Nail debris is caught before it has the chance to fill the air or cling to carpet and fabrics.  Pedipaws is priced at $19.99.

This grooming tool requires 2 “C” batteries, which are not included.  You will also need to purchase replacement heads, which come in a 12 pack, and can be ordered online, by phone or mail.  Keeping the device clean after each use will maintain the efficiency and prolong the life.  Cleanliness is also necessary for the prevention of spreading bacteria to you or your pet.

Pets can react differently when using this product, so introducing it to your pet slowly is highly recommended.  Show your pet that this tool is nothing to fear by turning it on and softly touching their body with the device.  Slowly move from the hip to the head and back down to the paw.  This is a great way to present this unfamiliar object.  Don’t reprimand your pet when introducing Pedipaws.  Instead talk to them reassuringly and inch it closer to them, and as often as you can, until your pet is calm.  If you approach your pet the correct way, Pedipaws will quickly become the most useful tool in your grooming kit.

Pedipaws will make nail trimming a better experience for your pet and for you.  Once you are both familiar with the device, you will both gain confidence and grooming time will go much quicker.  By keeping things simple, clean and easy, Pedipaws will give you the time to bond with your tail-wagging friend.      


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