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Perky-Pet 348 Window Wild Bird Feeder

Updated on April 4, 2012

Ah! The lovely sound of happy birds chirping outside my window in the morning is lovely. I just moved into this neighbor hood, and I have been listening to the birds every morning. I like to watch them out my front and back window as they try to compete for food.

The idea of bird watching is fun. I could sit for hours and watch them as they swirl around with their tails in the air. Swooping down to grab the next worm, before the other bird comes back. It even get to the point sometimes where the same birds will stay in the area for quite awhile, and you can give them little pet names.

Only one small problem is that they do not stay terribly long. If, they do stay it is only for a few minutes and then they are off again. So, if I want to keep watching the birds for any period of time, I’m going to need a bird feeder. So, I was searching online and noticed there is a bird feeder available that is crystal clear. It is the Perky-Pet 348 Window Wild Bird Feeder It allows you to fill the bird seed easily and still be able to watch the birds. Of course, I could get a regular one that might allow me to see the birds on one side, but I like to see them all the way around. It also fits in well with my front and back gardens without causing an eyesore that some commercial bird feeders might. It holds up to a one cup of bird seed at a time.

So, if you are searching for a marvellous bird feeder, you can use in your garden then take a look at the Perky-Pet 348 Window Wild Bird Feeder. You will be surprised at how the birds will simply flock to it. Giving you the opportunity, to see all the birds in your neighborhood and even the chance to see some of the rare species that may dwell around your area.

Features of Perky-Pet 348 Window Wild Bird Feeder

1. Holds up to a full cup of seed

2. Crystal clear design for view and décor

3. Easy to fill up and clean regularly

4. Wide open bottom so birds has unrestricted access to food

5. Attach to any solid structure

6. Full 1 year manufactures warranty


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