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Perro Sin Pelo del Peru

Updated on April 16, 2014

Think in it!

Certainly the dog is your best friend, but you thought the opposite?

Inca Orchid Dog Moon Flower

Peru's Dog no hair. A sincere friend.



There are over 4000 years that the dog "hairless," lives in Peru. It is known in Europe as "Inca Orchid Dog Moon Flower", ancient name that is in disuse. Kennel is registered in the Federation International (FCI) under number 310.

This dog has fulfilled an important role within the customs and myths of the Incas, having been used for medicinal purposes. Just a light touch with him and has the feeling of touching a hot water bottle. This strange feature did protagonist of many stories, miraculous healings and strange powers, reported in separate pre-Inca cultures especially Mochica, Chancay, Chimu and Vicus (Sechura-Piura).

Elegant and slim dog is a gentle and affectionate with the owner but suspicious and reserved with strangers. Therefore, in addition to the company, it is indicated as the alert dog.


This breed is not usually affected by fleas, and ticks. The color can be black, gray, copper and others. All these colors can be uniform or show pinkish patches on any part of the body, depending on whether or not the specimen has the skin color uniform. The pigmentation changes according to where the animal is. Their food is normal as any other dog (balanced diet), not requiring special care.

As for his health, one must take utmost care so that does not dry your skin. One should not give baths followed, highlighting the use of soap and apply moisturizing oil for babies.

The coat virtually non-existent, for being a naked race, but admit some remains of hair on the head, limbs, tail tip and sometimes very sparse hair on the back. Another peculiarity is that their teeth is almost always incomplete. It has the auditory sense highly developed. His hearing sensitivity is high due to the conformation of their external ears, which is shaped like a dish and thin cartilage.

In general these dogs are animals slender, elegant, emphasizing speed, strength and harmony without ceasing to be muscular. We can say that the character of these naked is noble, affectionate with his house, reserved and suspicious of strangers, always attentive, and very good keepers.

Standard F.C.I.

Group 5 - Spitz and Primitive types

Section 6 - Primitive Type

FCI Standard n ° 310 - April 25, 2001.

Country of origin: Peru

Name the country of origin: Perro sin by del Perú

Use: Company


According to its general conformation was established as an exemplary slim and elegant, whose aspect expresses speed, strength and harmony, without appearing rude. This race is fundamentally characterized by the absence of body hair. Another peculiarity of the breed is your denture almost always incomplete. Of noble and affectionate with the house, reserved with strangers; guardian attentive and alert.


The relationship between height at withers and length of body is 1:1, while allowing the body of females is slightly longer than males.


Noble and affectionate at the home, while being attentive and alert. In the presence of strangers, becomes suspicious and guardian.


Lupoid conformation.


Skull: mesocephalic, showing skull and muzzle parallel, but, accepting a slight divergence. Seen from above, the skull is wide Adelges to the tip of the nose. The superciliary ridges are moderately developed. The occipital crest is hardly marked.

Stop: less marked (about 140 degrees).


Smooth and elastic all over body, but can form a few rounded almost concentric lines on the head, around the eyes and cheeks.

There is evidence that internal and external temperature, or dogs is exactly equal to that of other races. The absence of hair leads to an entirely direct emanation of heat that distinguishes it from specimens of hair, where the heat is dissipated through the hair for natural ventilation.


Being a naked race, not a sports coat, but admit some remains of hair on the head, extremities, the tip of the tail and, sometimes, some very thin hair on the back.


The color of hair can vary from black on black samples, black slate, black elephant, bluish black, the whole range of gray, dark brown to red light gradient. All these colors can be uniform or show pinkish patches on any part of the body.


There are three sizes for males and females.

Small (9 3 / 4 "to 15 3 / 4")

Middle: (15 3 / 4 "to 19 3 / 4")

Large: (19 3 / 4 "to 25 3 / 4")


It is proportional to the three sizes, for males and females.

Small: (8.8 to 17.6 lb)

Medium: (17.6 to 26.4 lb)

Large: (26.4 to 55.1 lb)


Presence of spurs on the hind limbs. Semi-erect ears.

Excess hair. Presence of hair on other parts of the body and which are not indicated.


Floppy ears or cropped, docked tail, no tail, Enognahtism and prognathism.

Dog No hair of Peru

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Brazilians with a no hair dog

No hair dog puppie


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