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Persian Cat Breeds - The Longhair Group

Updated on September 6, 2017

The History Behind Longhair Persian Cats

The Longhair Cat group are made of Persian cats, and they are among the most popular of cat breeds. Many believe this family of cats descended from matings between Angora cats, originating from the Ankara region of Turkey, with the original Persian cats from Persia, now known as Iran. Around the 16th century Longhaired Persians were transported to Italy and France. They were later categorized as pedigree cats in the mid 19th century.

Persians, also known as Iranian cats are considered to be the true longhaired cats. Their fur can be up to ten times longer than shorthair cat breeds. Longhair Persians are fastidious self groomers, but they require extra assistance with their grooming from their owners. They come in an impressive variety of coat colors and patterns. These cats are year long moulters, which means they leave behind excess hair on clothes, furniture, and carpet.

Most Persians are generally considered friendly cats that are not easily upset or excitable.

Persian Coat Colors, Grooming, and Physical Appearance

One of the most alluring attributes of the Persian cats are their staggering array of colors and patterns; they are capable of coming in over 60 varieties. The longhair cat group commonly displays coat styles such as Black, White, Blue, Chocolate, Lilac, Red, Cream, Tortoiseshell, Tortoiseshell and White, Bi-color, Tabby, Chinchilla, Shaded Silver, Smoke, Cameo, Pewter, and Color Point also known as Himalayan. In the United States each coat color is generally considered a variation of Persian cats, while in places such as the United Kingdom most coat colors are actually classified as a separate breeds of cat.

Longhair Persian coats are silky and luxurious in texture with long guard hairs and short down hairs. Due to the length of their coats cats these longhaired cats often require regular grooming several times a week, and some people even recommend daily assistance with Persian cat grooming. This is something to take into consideration if you are looking for a cat that is lower maintenance.

Longhair Persian cats have relatively flat faces, short noses, and doll like appearances. They are broad chested with strong legs and large round paws that are sometimes tufted. Their ears are small and triangular. They have prominent ruffs of hair around their necks with full, low set tails. Their eyes can come in colors such as copper, blue, hazel, brown, black, deep orange, red, emerald, and blue-green. Copper eyes tend to be the most common color among Persians.

Longhair Cats Temperament and Health

The Persian longhair cats, also known as Shirazi or Shiraz cats are placid, well rounded, and are generally kind cats. They are known for having good behavioral traits, and some people even choose them based on their wonderful temperaments.

Persian Cats tend to live from 12 to 17 years of age with the median life span being around 14 years. They are a brachycephalic cat breed which can lead to potential health issues concerning their breathing and can cause shortness of breath especially with extensive exercise and movement. Dystocia is common in Persians causing them to have difficult and sometimes more painful labor while giving birth to their young. Dystocia can also cause potential health complications for the mother cat while giving birth as well making it difficult for some kittens to receive healthy levels of oxygen while passing through the mothers body. Despite the health concerns associated with Longhair Persian cats, they remain extremely popular companion pets.


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