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How to Make Sure that You Adopt the Right Pet Bird for You

Updated on September 22, 2014

As a bird lover you will want to adopt one for your living place, but there are so many beautiful species out there that you can have hard times in choosing the right one. Before you let your impulse choose the bird for you, there are some things that you need to consider to make sure that you will provide the right home for it and also that you enjoy its company. Read on and find out which those things are:

* Consider your budget

There are birds that cost thousands of bucks, but there are as well others to cost you one hundred or even less. Aside from the cost of the bird itself, think of the costs inferred by the purchase of the right cage, vet fees, and all sorts of accessories to make its life better and safer. It is therefore important to do some research and after that to decide on the type of bird.

* Consider the life expectancy of the bird

You can get this information with many of the online researches on various species of birds that can be purchased or adopted. When you choose a specific species keep in mind the costs for the supplies, for the food, and everything related to its health. Everybody wants for their pet to have a long and happy living.

* Check with the diet

There are birds which do not need special diets and as such they can be fed out of pre-packaged food and occasionally some grain, fruit, veggies and nuts supplements. But there are as well others that need special diets. Keep this in mind as well!

* Look for the way one bird socializes

This aspect will relate very much on your expectations. If you have and want to have time to interact with your bird, then choose one that can not otherwise but socializing with the owner and the other inhabitants of the house.

* Do you suffer from any bird related allergy?

There are for instance birds that are messier than others and can create with their wings a dust that you can be allergic to. Such birds are: Cockatoos, African Greys, and Cockatiels, so maybe there can not be a choice for you.

How to Take Care of Your Bird's Well Being - Keep It Active

When you have decided to own a pet in the form of a bird you must know all sorts of things about it in order to make sure that you provide it the best living and growing old conditions. Apart from ensuring for it a good living space and the right type of food, make sure that your bird gets to exercise a lot to maintain its good state of health.

This will depend a lot on the size of the bird, of course. If you have for instance small breed of bird, then this one can exercise pretty well within the space of its cage. With a larger size of bird you might have to take it out of the cage for more space.

Throughout this article we will present you some useful tips on how to do exercising with your bird in the proper way:

* One criterion to choose the size of the cage is for the space inside to allow your bird to stretch out its wings. The bars of the cage should be made of a string material to resist the bits of the bird. These bars should also be very close to one another so that your bird won't be able to stick its head between the bars.

* Make sure that your cage has horizontal bars as well to allow your bird climb them whenever it feels like. Again the material of these bars should be considered since they need to be string to hold the weight of the bird.

* Choose to 'equip' the cage with swings and perches as in this way your feathery pet can have a great choice of exercising while being in the cage. These perches should be of the diameter that matches the bird's legs to provide for it good feet exercises.

* Consider choosing toys to provide diverse entertainment for the bird. These toys must be in accordance to the size of your pet and always keep an eye on their condition. You wouldn't want for your bird to pick pieces of the toy and swallow them by mistake.

* Enough with the smaller birds. For the larger ones you should exercise them outside the cage. If you have the possibility of creating a special area for it, that's even better. In this way you can take good care of its safety instead of letting it roam around the space of a room where it may get injured while destroying some things when it gets scared and runs amuck.

Things to Consider for the Location of Bird Cage

Purchasing a bird is not that easy of a task if you don't do some researches before you rush into getting this feathery pet for your home place. Understanding the species of bird will help you provide the best living space for it while it will keep on leading a happy life and you enjoy its presence for as long as possible.

There are many individuals out there simply buying the bird, put it in a cage and then feed it and think that it is enough. Well, there are so many things to consider before having the pet bird that one might need some sort of guidance into providing the bird the best for its health and happy living.

One aspect that you should take into account (among many others) is the location of the bird cage. This is very important for the good health and well being of your pet. Read on and fond out more about this aspect:

* In case you place the cage close to a window you have to ensure that there isn't a full sunlight falling directly on the cage. This doesn't mean that you should keep the cage completely out of the sunlight, but with only 30 minutes of sun two times per day may suffice.

* Do not place the cage somewhere close to an entry door where cold drafts can be generated during colder seasons that may get your pet bird sick. The same should be said about the cooling vents or over heated areas. These spots can severely dry the skin and the feathers of your beloved pet.

* Do not place the cage in the kitchen area or close to a place where a lot of cooking action takes place.

* It is also very important to mention the cleaning that you do around the place where the cage is located. Use carefully the cleaning sprays so that they do not reach nearby the cage. Birds have very sensitive lungs and as such may get hurt very easily.

As mentioned in the first lines of this article, there are many things to take into account when planning to buy a pet bird. The location of the cage counts among them but beside this, make sure to do more research and find out what other things matter for the well being of your pet bird.

Things to Consider when Choosing a Cage for Your Bird

When you have decided to purchase a pet bird for you and your kids, you must think of a place where to keep it. The idea of keeping a living creature in a cage might seem rather cruel, but there is no other way to keep a pet bird inside without providing for it a place as its own habitat.

Check with the following when purchasing a living space for your feathery pet:

* To make sure that you don't feel very guilty about en-caging it, a good suggestion would be to look for the largest cage that you find available on the market. If your local stores do not provide the size you are looking for, make sure to browse the internet websites which are richer in presenting all kinds of cage options along with the possibility of custom make one.

* One other thing that you should consider is for the bird cage to be easily cleaned on daily basis and one time per week to be cleaned more in depth. In this way, you are not providing a good living environment for your bird but also have a long lasting cage.

* Check with the best bird supply cages since with a good material your bird's health won't be at risk. Just imagine what will happen if your bird will eat some piece of material that has broken within the cage. It will jeopardize the health of your pet as it might get severely hurt. Or in case the bird stand is made of a low quality material, then again this can break or get deformed putting the well being of your bird at risk.

* Think of the cage as the same way you think of your house. You will want for your house to be comfortable for you and safe. So make sure that your bird gets the same comfort for its living and growing old space. Take into account whether you want for your bird to breed and raise its baby birds within that space. In this case you should ensure it and its babies the necessary space for a comfortable living.

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Things to Consider when Choosing Food for Your Bird

There are many things to take into account when you are out there choosing the seeds for your pet bird. First of all you should have a better understanding of the bird's eating habits and dietary needs. There are birds that have their seeds right from the talon, while others prefer serving their seeds out of their dish. There are many birds that make a lot of mess when they have their seeds, this being also a thing to consider when preparing their area for feeding. The other next thing to take into account is the health condition of your pet bird.

Throughout the following lines we will describe the way to choose the seeds for your bird while keeping the things from above in mind:

* There are several kinds of foods on the market to help in issues such as vitamin deficiencies and feather picking. This fact should determine you to search for food that provides for your feathery pet a well balanced diet.

* You should know that peanuts are for instance very high in fat content so it is better to give your bird no more than a single peanut per day.

* You will find many seed mixtures to present a high content in sunflower seeds, but they are very rich in fat and sodium. Therefore these ones should be contained in 10% in the mixture of seeds chosen for your bird. The majority of the birds will need 90% pelleted diet where nuts, seeds and other such treats should be in the rest of 10% of their diet.

* You will find also foods that are 100% organic which are the most preferred for your birds when there is no chemical process to grow the ingredients contained with this food. No preservatives and no artificial coloring are present so your bird can have a healthy meal while keeping it away from the harmful effect of chemical processing.

* You might as well feed your bird with human food but in very small amounts. One food that is great for them is sweet potato because it is rich in vitamin A, very good for Eclectus parrot that needs it for a good digestion. Sweet potato is also rich in iron and vitamin C other two nutrients that maintain the good health in your pet bird.


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    • Maira818 profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from Los Angeles, Ca

      I remember my grandma had a parrot too. They are smart birds... Thanks for commenting ologsinquito :)

    • ologsinquito profile image


      4 years ago from USA

      This is good advice for choosing a bird. I knew people that had a parrot that yakked all day. She would have driven me crazy, but they loved her.


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