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Pet Divider

Updated on April 25, 2011

A pet divider is the ideal device to safely keep claws and paws off the upholstery with all pets confined to the cargo area or rear seats of a vehicle, all out of reach of the driver and passengers. Often quick and easy to install with an immense selection of room dividers for pets that come in modern, sleek styling that doesn’t look so 'cagey'. In addition, there's no need to be concerned about damage to a vehicle, as these dividers don't harm a car's interior, as there often built in rubber components.

A pet barrier often adjusts in hight and width to allow for installation in most vehicles for a tight and secure fit. Although some of the larger vehicles, such a SUV might be in need of an extension kit. Although, for those with a larger vehicle, there are a range of dedicated SUV pet barrier products to suit all SUT's Vans, SUV's and cross-over vehicles. One such model is the metal 13 pet divider to safely secure a dog within the cargo area. Easy to install and isn't likely to rattle unless traveling down a long bumperty dirt road.

If preferring to install a SUV dog barrier but would prefer to avoid the metal tube style of barriers, an alternative is to install a micro-mesh style of material. Simple to install with a quick fix wire frame so that a net isn't going to start sagging. Due to its flexible nature these nets are suited to all vehicle types, from a sedan to a full-sized sport utility vehicle.

A pet partition is also available to keep a dog confined to the rear seats, with the placement of a strong nylon net, all attached to an elasticated frame. A flexible divider to keep a dog in its place as a backseat rider, for those in need of a simple visual barrier.

Accessories for dogs can also feature such functional kit as a complete travel kit (complete with water bottle, D ring for attaching a leash, and cases for storing treats). A back seat hammock (an easy to install seat cover), travel bowls, a booster seat (a cushioned ride for small dogs), as well as an assortment of toys to keep a dog entertained.

A pet divider offers that extra protection of keeping dogs in the cargo area and leaving a drive to concentrate on what’s going on in front without being distracted. A pet guard divider installs in a matter of minutes, with no need for drilling. A fine product for securing all dogs - even a large active dog, to a small lap dog without escaping.


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