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Premium Pet Food Supplements™

Updated on June 11, 2011

Pet Dog health Facts

During the thousands of years evolution of our pet dogs their diet consisted of natural raw food . Now however their diets have changed, to modern processed foods,even with the best dog pet food brands and recipes we are still left with many downturns in Canine nutrition health.

High Grade Holistic supplements are a very cost effective way to support your pet dogs health and longevity in their dog facts life expectancy. Since-commercial recipes on the market are more brutal then human ones;very much lacking in essential nutrients due to the over processing or storage. The synthetic minerals and vitamins do not make the grade, resulting in weakened immune systems with allergies, dull coat, parasites or falling organs.

I have an account with a distributor of Super Blue Green Algae which have a organic wildcrafted source of Beta Carotene,Chlorophyll,amino acids,essential fatty acid,mineral and trace minerals,vitamins,enzyme, probiotics for digestion all needed for the aging and degenerative breakdown processes to be greatly slowed down.Makes for a serious dog treat as well as a form of pet health insurance. And for pedigree breeder types it will soon be your secret weapon/ feed tip that give s a serious competitive edge

One starts them slowly a fraction of a teaspoon per day( i.e. puppy-10lbs 1/4tsp, 50-80lbs 3/4-1 tsp ) .Many love the taste and pet owners in testimonials are quick to notice a change in their dogs health and disposition.

Opening an account is easy and inexpensive providing you with direct from the manufacturer at cost product send safe to your door.With practically non existing veterinary bills justifying the cost return on the investment and many years of enjoying your dogs love and companionship its a great idea.

Follow links below to Simplexityhealth speak to their Customer Care people at 1800:800-1300. Using my member name of Claude Edwin Theriault or member ID # 445357 will get you in. And keep me posted as to the change in health you see.

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