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What To Buy My Pet For Christmas

Updated on December 9, 2009
You Rock Babe!
You Rock Babe!

Christmas is only days away. While I'm behind in my shopping, I know what I'm getting everyone. Well, Everyone except my pet, Rocky

I love Rocky very much. He has been with me for years. He's really old, but doesn't look any different then the first day I brought him home. He has stuck by my side in  the worst and best of times.

He was there when my first love dumped me. He rebuilt my self-esteem. He was there at my wedding. My wife thought it to strange that I wanted him to be my best man. That was my first argument with my wife. I lost that one and all the ones since. I wanted him to come on the honeymoon, second argument I lost in 24 hours.

Rocky  was around for the birth of my child. He welcomed her home in is own quiet way. Many days my daughter played with Rocky.  I remember them like they were yesterday. She would throw him around and he would just allow it. Never made a sound or try to hide.

So, my feelings towards Rocky aredeep. I want to get him a Christmas present that will convey my feelings. He is a bit of a lazy pet. He's not one for exercise, so anything athletic is out of the question.

He's trained pretty good. He sits, stays and rolls over with some help. His only fault is that he won't come when you call him. Maybe I should get him some training lessons. I just feel that would be too insulting. I want this gift to be special not controversial.

He's not noisy. He doesn't eat or drink much. He's never shown any favoritism to any food or drink. Climate doesn't bother him. He's at home in the blustery cold or excessive heat. He likes to be held and loves to cuddle. As far as I know, as of this date he is in perfect health.

So, I turn to you, my fellow hubbers for an answer.For there isn't a smarter group of people out there. We are family and I need help. So, Thanks in advance .

Oh I forgot to tell you Rocky is my pet rock. I've had him since the 1970's.


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