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Pet Insurance: Should I Have It?

Updated on July 9, 2014

What is Pet Insurance?

The idea of buying pet insurance in previous years would have been laughable to most pet owners. It seemed like an un-needed expense, and just another way for insurance companies to make money. However, with recent developments in medical technology available for pets and the rise in health care prices for pets, it has become a reality for many pet owners. Pet insurance can be bought to cover vet bills, lost or stolen pets, or pet attacks. There are many plans available for pet owners to choose from.

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Medical Bills for Pets

Some pet insurance plans cover vet bills. Pet owners now have access to medical treatments that were never available to pets in years before. It used to be that humans only had access to high tech medical treatment. However, now pets can have kidney transplants, MRIs, and other diagnostic and lab tests. Pets even have access to radiation therapy now. Pet owners now have the choice between expensive life saving techniques or putting their pet down. Pet owners with pet insurance may be more likely to choose the medical technique to save their pet's life because their insurance covers the high priced medical treatment. Owners without pet insurance may not have the money available to save their pet with the high priced medical treatment and their pet will have to be put down. Just like all other insurance policies they never seem useful, important, or worth the cost, unless something terrible happens. When a catastrophe occurs people are very happy that they have some type of policy in place that will cover the high costs.

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Pet Insurance: Not Just For Medical Bills

Pet insurance is not only geared towards vet bills. Pet owners can buy insurance policies that pay out a certain amount of money if the pet dies, if the pet is stolen, or if the pet is lost. There are also policies that will cover any costs that may occur due to any potential damage your pet may do to someone else's personal property or if they would harm or attack someone. This means if your pet attacks someone or harms someone, your pet insurance plan would cover any cost that occur from that event depending on the type of pet insurance you have bought.

Pet Insurance Still The Minority

Even thought pet insurance is on the rise, pet owners with pet insurance are still a part of the minority. In 2007, The American Veterinary Medical Association estimated that 72 million dogs and 82 million cats were kept as pets. However, there were only 850,000 pet insurance policies for pets. This is surprising because it was estimated that Americans alone spent 12.2 billion dollars on vet bills alone in 2009. The cost of vet services and medical treatment for pets continues to increase each year. So it may be time for pet owners to consider buying pet insurance for their pets.

Shopping Around for the Best Policy

Just like every other type of insurance policy it is best for pet owners to shop around to find a policy that best suits their needs. Insurance policies will vary on coverage, price, deductibles, and co pays. Some pet stores that offer vet services are beginning to partner with pet insurance companies to offer insurance policies. There are also a variety of companies that offer pet insurance. The best thing to do is to shop around and find the policy that best fits the owners' needs.

Pet Insurance Links

The following links offer pet insurance policies.


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