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Pet Lovers Torment

Updated on December 12, 2014

The haze thickens as we sit and wonder

Our heartstrings pull as we sit and ponder

Watching a loved one fade away

Re-appearing throughout the day

Alertness fades as the door hinge she stares

Never imagined these later years

Stuck in the corner no way out

We offer compassion with painful doubt

A light goes on when her scent sparks a treat

Excited and eager … it’s time to eat

We question our thoughts, intentions and more

As her legs they spread and she falls to the floor

No strength remains in need of help

Always occurs without a yelp

Scoop her up, steady her way

Down again as we sigh we dismay

We hold her close to her affection so clear

Tears well in our eyes as the end is near

How to decide on our “best friend’s” fate

Does she feel the pain or want us to wait

We anguish the choice why is it ours

I wish she could talk in the last final hours.


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