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Pet Pros and Cons

Updated on January 24, 2016

For years doctors have said that to lower blood pressure or lift a mood, get a pet. There are so many
other reasons to own a pet too, although you should carefully consider which type of pet is best for
you. Just like people, animals have widely varied personalities and character traits. Most people will
spend a good amount of time at the produce counter selecting just the right tomatoes. You should be
willing to spend just as much time selecting a pet. Do not jump into it expecting to walk in and right
back out with a new friend in record time. A great rule is to go pet searching when you have nothing
else to do. Spend time interacting with the animals to see which one has characteristics you can live
with. Most times, if you put proper time into it, a pet will chose you, not the other way around!
You need to decide which type of pet is right for you first. A lonely widow may want to consider a
kitten to cuddle and care for over a rambunctious puppy! A kitten in the lap purring can make you feel
happier than a puppy bouncing around and possibly making you nervous. Even when kittens play,
they are gentle and cuddly! Perfect for a lonely person is the warm loving companionship a cat can
offer. It is even a medically proven fact that a kitten purring can lower blood pressure. Cats are for the
most part, low maintenance unless you get a long haired breed, in which case there is grooming time
and costs to consider.
A single parent with 'empty nest' syndrome would benefit from a high-spirited puppy! It is like having
a kid back in the house with the energy levels and mischief they can find! The responsibility of
walking, bathing, feeding and grooming will keep you on your toes while providing hours of
entertainment and fun to fill an empty house! The loyalty and unconditional love every single day is a
bonus in itself! A dog will not care if you had a bad day or if you got passed up for the big promotion
as long as you still love them, that is all that matters at the end of the day! Their needs are food and
your undying love! That's it!
Ever notice how people love to say that everything is all black or white? There are those fans of "the
gray area" also. That is nice for people who can wrap up their entire lives in such neat tidy little
packages! Watch a storm roll in. the sky is gray, but there are also many shades of that gray! Just like a
stormy sky, there are many shades of gray in pets too! Perhaps you have allergies. A puppy or kitten is
not so cut and dried for you! Don't fear! There is still a friend out there for you! Somewhere between
the cats and dog debate falls a whole world of little ones that need just as much love as their furry
counterparts! You may consider a Hermit Crab! Unlike the name, they love attention and the
company of others! They do in fact become attached to their owners too, and will enjoy being
handled by you! There are also birds, hamsters and the always underestimated rat! Yes, rats are
wonderful companions! They love to cuddle with you and have personalities just like any other
animal. Rats you buy in pet stores are bred in controlled environments and are clean, unlike the rats
in the sewer!
So you see, from puppies to kittens; turtles to goldfish, there are more than enough critters to fill a
place in your heart and who need love as much as you do! Just please consider adopting from your
local animal shelter first before buying a cat or dog. These castoffs will reward your love more so than
any pet you spend more on than your budget allows.Happy hunting!


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