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Pet Sitters Guide

Updated on August 20, 2010

Pet sitters these days are in demand as people lead busy and hectic lifestyles running the risk of unintentionally neglecting their pets can be a common experience for many pet owners. I must admit I myself have been one to leave my pet at home , only because I had a few days work and had no one I could turn to to look after my dog. And every time I came home the house was total and utter destruction from end to end, it was then I decided to pay my young nephew to look after me dog, it worked out quite well . I didn't have to get the dog used to my nephew as he already knew him and plus I think I got my nephews services cheaper than if i were to hire out a professional pet sitter. As with most pet owners they may not be as fortunate as me this has lead to pet owners hiring professional pet sitters to take on the task of looking after their animals while working or on travel.

What to look for in a Pet Sitter

Pet sitters are animal lovers and most have a background in veterinary skills, or work part time as a pet sitter while holding down a full time job most pet sitters have their own pets and understand how hard it can be on owners of pets to leave their animals alone. Your first impressions of interviewing a pet sitter is crucial for yourself as well as your pet so be sure you choose wisely before hiring, just trust your intuition on this one.

Where to find a Pet Sitter

There are a number of companies that will let you hire a pet sitter , but in many cases pet sitters are usually self employed and mostly find work by word of mouth, but if you would prefer to hire a professional pet sitter there are companies such as the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters or the Professional United Pet Sitters but if you would just like to hire a local pet sitter than visit places like your local vet clinic or even a pet store you are bound to get some quality information from these places.

Teach Your Dog To Sit

How much does it cost to hire a Pet Sitter

You can sometimes negotiate the price or fees when hiring a pet sitter be sure to discuss any payment arrangements before hand most will charge you a base rate fee before going to your house and if you have more than one pet they may charge a separate fee for each animal. Additional cost may occur if your pet has a medical condition and needs daily medication. Typical fees can range from $10 - $60 per day depending on the situation. The main thing is to discuss the price with them before any other arrangements are made.

Peace of mind

Once you have found the right pet sitter you can rest assured that your pet is being well looked after and is  good hands, be sure to have everything prepared for your pet in advance and explain to the pet sitter where everything can be found,make sure you give the pet sitter clear and concise instructions on what needs to be done and always have a contact number in case something may go wrong, in most cases if you develop good relations with your pet sitter you should have nothing to worry about. When choosing a pet sitter if you feel the person is not right for your pets needs don't hesitate to tell them you will know by share intuition weather or not you have made the right choice.  


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    • kathygirl22 profile image

      kathygirl22 8 years ago

      I have been trying to find a reliable pet sitter for months. Thanks for these tips!

    • ConradM profile image

      ConradM 8 years ago from San Francisco, CA

      I use my in-laws for pet sitting. The price can't be beat!