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How to Ship a Dog With A Pet Transport

Updated on September 7, 2016

Shipping your dog can be stressful both for you and your dog if you are not well prepared. So how do you ship your dog? In answering this question, the steps to be followed when shipping your dog will be mentioned here below for the best answer for Pet Relocation.

Step 1: Prepare Documentations needed for Animal Transportation

The first step is to prepare all the needed documentations for a Pet Transport. It is important to note that animal transportation is not as straightforward as human transportation and thus the need to make early preparations. In doing so, you should visit the relevant government agencies to obtain the needed documentation.

While doing so, it is also important to note the different documentation requirements for the country/state that you are transporting your dog too. Do not make assumptions that all rules are the same with the process of pet shipping.

Step 2: Prepare the Supplies Needed

After obtaining documentation for your dog’s air transportation, you should then commence on the preparation of the supplies needed for your dog’s transportation. The most important thing that is needed for a dog is a kennel. It is important to have a kennel that allows your dog to stand up, turn around or lie down very comfortably.

Other supplies that are needed apart from the kennel include:

  • Collar with ID tags

  • Leash

  • Food bag

  • Frozen water kept in a small dish

  • A full sized picture of your pet with your contact information

Step 3: Arrive at the Airport on Time

After you have made all the necessary preparations, you should now ensure that you arrive at the airport in good time for processing of your dog as a cargo. Take your pet to the cargo area at the airport. Emphasis is put on arriving in good time so as to clear with airport officials in good time.


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