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Our Furry~friends

Updated on September 7, 2014


My passion

I have always had a passion for animals. From the time I started to walk we had a pet dog, he was a boxer. Everytime I got up to walk, he would come over and knock me down. My mother used to tell me how I would giggle, and get right back up and try again. We became companions, and I gained the true understanding of his actions even at such a young age, and that he was only trying to get my attention. Boxers are bright,energetic, playful and love children.

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Our Newfound friend

I spotted a cat that would come to our home daily. She looked very underweight for her size. I gave her something to eat. She appeared to eat and leave, so I assumed she found her way back home. She continued to do this. One day she got up the nerve to follow me in the house. I took her in, and noticed she had a chip in her. I took her to our vet and I was given the information to her owner. I spoke with her on the phone, she came to the house to pick her up and took her home. She was just one block away. The very next day she was back to the house again. We played this game for a while until one day the owner said to me "You should keep her." She went on to say, "It appears she does not want to be here anymore."


She has light and dark colors flowing through her long coat. Her belly is a golden color, and the hair is curly on her stomach. That is how I came up with her name, "Goldie." Goldie has distinctive characteristics known to this breed. When she eats, she uses her paw to scoop up the food, as we would eat with a fork. She will not want to drink water from a dish. She goes to the bathroom sink, jumps up on it and will meow. She will lap up the running water. She is very clean, taking about 7 baths per day. In the 2 years we have had her, she has never had one flea. I take her bathing rituals in to account for this. She is very affectionate and will meow for you to pick her up, and she will wrap her paws around your neck. She adores my son. Once he was laying on his stomach on his bed. She jumped up on his back. My son has a fade style hair cut, and Goldie felt the need to groom his head. How funny is that?

Funny Characteristics of the main coon cats

The silly things this Maine Coon does...

The video beside this capsule, shows the playful characteristics of the Main Coon cat. You can call them goofy, hilarious, but there are many things that come to mind in describing their mysterious and incredible behaviors. This gentle giant is social, affectionate, kind, loyal, intelligent, good humored and very very vocal.

There is nothing like the sound of her purring away! They claim a Special place in your heart, and there's no turning back.


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    • Susan Guinn profile image

      Susan Guinn 3 years ago from Florida

      Call it a pet peeve, but to let your cat stay outside to roam the neighborhood is not cool. This same neighbor was allowing yet another one of their cats (which is a bengal) to roam. On a daily basis I would put her in my car and drive her back home. She is also awesome, a very affectionate and loving cat.

    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 3 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      Cute goldie, i have seen stray cats staying but never an owner own cat