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Pets Adoption

Updated on August 28, 2012

Adopting Pets

With the increasing problem of canine and feline over-population rapidly growing in this country, it is certainly advisable to think about adopting a pet rather than going to a breeder. There is no wrong or right option when deciding where to find your new companion but it is worth considering that if every potential pet owner adopted, then there would be less pressure to euthanize perfectly healthy loving animals. This article is going to cover the topic of pet adoption and outline the key aspects that need to be contemplated.

The first matter to focus on is where to find your adopted friend. There are a number of different sources and situations in which a cat or dog can be taken home to become part of the family. The most common and successful way of placing a pet into a caring home is through animal shelters and rescue groups. They take in strays, nurse them back to health and try to find a home for them. In addition, sometimes people who come across feral or stray animals with no identification will take them home and look after them as their own, rather than take them to shelters or rescue centres.

Other sources can come from families or owners who realise they cannot afford to keep a pet and so place an advertisement looking for someone who will take the pet off of their hands. Pets that have been abused or neglected by their owner will often be taken away and placed into a loving environment. There has also been a rise of adopting pets over the internet with pet adoption agency websites holding information on thousands of companion animals littered across animal shelters and rescue homes. This enables you to search for a specific kind of cat or dog and hopefully find a right match for both you and the animal.

A common misconception amongst first time pet owners is that if you adopt a pet from an animal home or rescue centre, you will be bringing home a volatile, unpredictable or unhealthy animal. This is not the case at all. There are many advantages to adopting a pet.

By going to animal centres you get to meet a different variety of cats and dogs of all shapes, ages and sizes. You will be able to interact with the animals and discover which has the personality that will best suit you; this can be especially helpful if you have young children and want to see how they interact with the differing kinds of dogs and vice-versa.

An animal from a shelter, centre or home will usually be in in good health. Even if he or she was very ill when they arrived at the shelter, the caring staff and veterinarians will have done their upmost best to nurse the cat or dog back to good health and maintained that good health. This also means that the pets will already have had their shots, been de-wormed, been altered and more-often-than-not had their microchips embedded.

The fee to adopt a pet is very reasonable and is far less than the fee for purchasing a pup or kitten from a pet shop or breeder. Some shelters even operate a scheme where there is no fee as the need to make space in their shelter is that great.

The most important issue with adopting a pet is whether the potential adopter can prove that they can provide what is known as a ‘forever home’. This term, coined by the rescue centres, shelters and homes, refers to a potential adopter being able to provide a safe and permanent home for the pet. In some cases, a person wanting to adopt a previously neglected animal will have to undergo behavioural tests to make sure they will be a good owner to the pet.

If you’re thinking of adopting make sure that you visit the pet a few times to be sure that you are making the right choice concerning the personality of the animal.

To get a quote for pet insurance on your newly adopted pet and see our fantastic policies, head to our website Animal Friends For every quote we make online we’ll donate 50p to an animal charity with the goal of donating a million pound to animal charities by the end of 2012.


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    • DDS profile image

      David Sproull 

      7 years ago from Toronto

      I think people should look to adoption first as there are so many animals in shelters.

      Hopefully your article will educate people and lead them to make better choices for the animals.

    • Lucky Cats profile image


      7 years ago from The beautiful Napa Valley, California

      Hello Animalfriends and WELCOME to HP's. I love this article and I am very pleased that you've written it so well; packed with excellent information to remove fears of pet adoption while outlining all the reasons why to adopt a loving rescued animal from many viable sources. You've done a great service for animals and people. I, too, am a caregiver and animal rescuer who can think of nothing better than to extend our compassion to animals. Thank you so much and I shall continue to your next hub!~ UP Awesome Beautiful USEFUL and fantastic!!!


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