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Pets Are People Too: How I Came To Know This

Updated on January 21, 2010

I used to laugh at people who made over their pets and called them baby and treated them like they were their kids. I just couldn't understand the "connection" if you will. Now don't get me wrong I don't hate or dislike animals I just never saw them in the same light as their owners did. That was untill 2 years ago.

Two years ago one of our neighbors cats had just had a new litter of kittens. My son wanted one and of course I said no. I didn't like cats and definitely didn't want an animal in the house. After all an animal is an animal and their place is outside right? We argued about it for a couple of weeks and then the Lord just laid it on my heart and I heard the words plain as day, "it's not all about you Brenda". So then I haggled back and forth with the Lord for a couple days. I mean, I trust Him and all but we were talking about a cat here and I just had to be sure. Well I found out you can't argue with the Lord so I said come on and Ethan and I went to pick one out.

George was the runt. A tiny grey short hair cat among a bunch of black long hair kittens. His eyes were the palest blue I had ever seen.. The kittens were still very young and not ready to be taken from their momma so Ethan went every day and held him. He would sit for hours holding and talking to George. While he was doing that and going gaga over the cat I was thinking, cat hair everywhere, food, vet bills, treats, toys, shredded furinture, messes on the floor, well you get the picture. When six weeks rolled around George was ready to come home. He had been litter trained and was on solid food. Well, at least that was a plus in his favor. So Ethan brought him home all smiles and proud of his cat. He handed him to me and, well that little fur ball stole my heart right then and there. He snuggled and purred and was right at home under my chin. How precious my baby, I mean the cat was. George was romping around when my oldest walked in the door, all 6'5", 300lbs and a size 15 shoe. I just knew George was gonna die. I yelled don't move you'll kill George and he froze. George who. I said look down. Oh, that little piece of lint on the floor he said. He picked him up and knew he wanted one too. He named her Fuffy.

Well as it turned out his landlord wouldn't let Fluffy in the house sooooo I got temporary custody of her.. She is big, black, and beautiful with ATTITUDE. She immediately ruled the roost. George on the other hand was quite content to let her as long as he got to play in the water bowl undisturbed. He'd bat it out with his paw then jump and play in it. I never thought cats and water mixed hmmmmm. George also had his own spot picked out on the love seat, right side, where he would curl around and around till he got settled just right with his head in the palm of my hand so he could lay there as I scratched him between the ears. If I didn't give him immediate attention he would either stare at me, nudge me with his nose or pat my arm with his paw. If anybody sat in his spot on the loveseat he would sit and unnervingly stare at them till they moved then he'd immediately jump up and regain his spot. My son moved to another apartment and came to get Fluffy six months later. The next day she was back for good. She and George were so bonded that neither of them would eat drink or even play. They MISSED each other. Go figure. In comes Fluffy and she and George are all over each other licking and romping and walking side by side around the house in cinc with each other like siamese twins. Well now I have two cats.

After that my oldest got a puppy. Just the cutest thing I ever saw. Part taco dog and part bug eyed. I fell in love immediately because he was just so.....human in his characteristics. His name is Neko but replies to neekers, pupper, neekypoo sneaky neeky and various other "pet" names. He's nosy and has to see who's comming and going, He and the cats have removed a precise square of blinds from the bottom corner of my blind in one window so they now have a place to look out if they are closed. I don't know how they did it but it looks like the square was actually cut out. Neko follows you around everywhere and loves to cuddle under the blankets at night. He shivers all the time. He watches tv with me, actually sits beside me like a little kid with his hind legs sticking straight out and rests the "elbow" of his front leg on my leg. He'll grab one peice of food out of his bowl, carry it to a corner and eat it then go back for another. repeating the same routine till he's had enough. Oh did I forget to mention that Neko also lives with me. My son took a job that takes him out on the road alot. That makes three little four legged furry people running around my house.

I never sleep alone now Neko is under the blankets, Fluffy is by my pillow, George is on the other side and I usually wake up with Bob on my back or chest snoozing away. Who's Bob you ask.....Well Baby Bob is Baby Bob. The boys were out running together one day when they stopped by the side of the road to use the cell, there was a noise in a tree and upon investigating they found Bob. Just a tiny little thing hardly walking and with no houses near by they assumed he was lost. Upon reaching their destination I got a call. MOM!, guess what, Mitch and I found the cutest kitten in a tree. mom he's so cute and..... NO MORE ANIMALS I said. But mom you got to see him. NO! Mom he has no place to go and he already stole my heart, just come look at him pleeeeeeeeeeease. I knew better but I went anyway thinking of everybody I could pawn him off on. I immediately fell in love with his antics. He couldn't sit still and jumped and romped had a little pink nose he would put against your lips or put his front paw against your cheek and look you straight in the eye. This kitten KNEW what he was doing. Well I wouldn't give in I pawned him off on my sons aunt till we could find a suitable home for him. After we got home Ethan and I sat on the couch and didn't say anything. I was thinking about Bob and so was he. Finally Ethan looked at me, said "I'm worried about Bob", heaving a big sigh I said I was too and lets go. Bob came home that evening. He loves to cuddle and loves to be rocked to sleep. Six months later and he still loves to be rocked and still flits from one thing to another having to have his nose in EVERYTHING, and loves to play with the milk rings off the jugs. He actually will drop one at your feet so you can toss it and he'll bring it back. This cat plays catch like a dog!? He and Neko hit it off right away and they are the best buds. It is so funny to watch them wrestle with each other and I mean wrestle, there are no holds barred with these two but they are very careful to not bring out the teeth or the claws. The night we brought Bob home I just sat and said God, what am I gonna do with another animal. Things were very tight financially but you know what, it's all worked out and it has turned out to be the biggest blessing for me. My babies, note they are no longer animals, have such distinct individual personalities that mesh so well with me that I can sit for hours and just watch them or at night go to sleep runnin my fingers through their fur and easily fall asleep with the purring on the nights I have a lot of pain.

My grandchildren are all furry and have four legs.

Who knew?


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    • AnythingArtzy profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from OHIO

      Oh I don't know. I've gotten more comfort and joy from them than from my own family. lol

    • Whitney05 profile image


      8 years ago from Georgia

      Animals shouldn't be held as high as people. Cute story though.


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